Easiest Baby Outfits

March 2, 2016

Getting ready to have a baby? Already had a baby? If you are like most dads, you are looking for the easiest, least frustrating baby outfit to put on a baby.

If you have not yet had a baby, you might be wondering what we are getting at here. After the third outfit change of the day and the 17th diaper change, you may be going slightly crazy. But don’t hit dial on that 911 call just yet- you can prevent this disaster from even occurring with some advance planning.

If you are looking for the easiest baby gear, check out Carter’s. What you are looking for are large head openings, loose sleeves, and a lot of snaps at the bottom that will provide easy access to that diaper. Onesies are nice, but keep in mind that if they come with pant legs, they better have snap access to that diaper. Without those snaps, you’re taking baby’s legs in and out of those pants every single changing.

If you’ve already had a baby, you know what we are getting at here. And if you have already had a baby, or even if you are still in the planning stages, you definitely know that being financially responsible is your new favorite game. Shopping for quality stuff is step one in saving cash- you don’t want to be wasting money replacing cheap clothing before baby has even had a chance to outgrow it. If you invest wisely, you can re-use this stuff for baby number two or three, or pass it along to a friend or family. The next step is buying wisely in terms of timing regarding savings and discounts. If you use Carter’s partnership with Groupon, you can save up to 50% off on specific holiday sales, as well as score 25-30% off with coupons. You should check back occasionally to snag different coupons as the content is updated.

Welcome to the world of being a dad. With a little advance planning, the crazy-making can stay to a minimum and the fun tummy time can be maximized.

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