Men’s guide to pairing the right shoes with the correct clothes

December 16, 2015

It has often been said that clothes make the man, but shoes are an essential part of every outfit as well. No matter how well dressed a man is, a poorly chosen pair of shoes has the potential to completely ruin the entire look of an outfit and detract from the overall image. With that in mind, here is your guide to matching four of the most popular types of shoes with the right clothes.

Ankle boots

The modern man should have at least one pair of ankle boots. There is a vast choice available in a range of different colors and materials, so there should be something suitable for every person’s individual tastes; it’s just a matter of choosing the right clothes to complement them.


Casual ankle boots

If you are wearing casual ankle boots, then these will look great paired with flight pants like the ones pictured above from Nena and Pasadena, Neverland Store has some great looking pairs of casual pants available; ankle boots can also be worn with jeans. If wearing shorts, pair them with muscle tees or traditional and logo T-shirts. When it comes to colors, black boots look good with blues, black, khaki, grays and green. A neutral color like brown, will make a versatile choice as they will go well with most color choices.


Caterpillar boots will always look good with jeans and a crisp, white shirt, or for a more casual appearance opt for a t-shirt or muscle tee.

Smart ankle boots

If wearing smart ankle boots, consider pairing them with chinos, and keep your overall look simple. Don’t wear too many different shades, and see the casual boots section for some good color choices to wear with them.

Men’s loafers

Loafers are ideal if you want something that will suit both a smart and casual look, which makes them a versatile item to have in your closet.



For a casual image, wear loafers with jeans, shorts or turned up, loose fitting or cropped trousers. Alternatively, team them with chinos or trousers if you want to achieve a smart-casual appearance while still feeling comfortable and not to dressy. If you are wearing leather loafers, these look great with suits.

Whether you are choosing them as part of your casual wardrobe, or for work purposes, choose brown or black as these colors will go with almost anything.

It has often been said that loafers shouldn’t be worn with socks, however, they can still look good if you select the right color scheme, and if every item of clothing has been chosen to coordinate with each other.


If you want something smart, or smart-casual, they you need at least one pair of brogues. They look fantastic with a tailored work suit, but they go equally well when worn with turned up jeans or shorts if you are dressing down.

When it comes to colors, keep brown brogues for more casual occasions, but be aware that they can be difficult to clean if they get dirty.

If you aren’t too adventurous in your wardrobe choices, then again stick with neutral colors like browns and black, and team them with blues, blacks and grays for an understated appearance.

Oxford shoes

Again, these are available in a large selection of types and materials; they are quite versatile so they can be worn with a variety of styles, but they are best suited to smarter occasions or for achieving a smart-casual look.

Oxford shoes tend to look good with both tailored and off the peg suits; chinos team up well with them too.

However, if you prefer a more casual image, then wear your Oxfords with turned up jeans, blazers and long sleeved tops are great choices too.

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