Topman 1/2 Price: Transitional Pieces.

July 23, 2013
As much as I like to poke fun at Topman for its exorbitant prices and hardly enduring quality, the company is the leader in its market when it comes to fulfilling the role of the modern high-street store i.e. scour shows and identify trends, subsequently translate trends to wearable and more affordable items for the average Joe consumer, thus completing the trickle-down effect.
On top of that, there’s all the sponsoring burgeoning talent (NEWGEN Men) and collaborations (LENS) they’re engaged in, which usually tends to dull any scathing criticism of their own wares. Let’s face it, it’s a bloody good brand and Design Director Gordon Richardson is a bit of a genius, no matter how naff the cotton goes when you’ve washed that tee a couple of times…
But – as per – I digress, what I meant to say was that there’s an extensive up to 1/2 price sale starting today and whatever my views on purchasing their clothing at full price, I’m always game for buying the stuff by bucket-loads when it’s reduced. 
Here a few picks for the transitional season:
fdb11 topmanportmarljumper
^ Port Marl Twist Neck Jumper – £15.00 (down from £22). Perfect for taking the edge off the slightly windier days of Spring.
862ff topmanstripedjumper
^ Striped Crew Neck Jumper – £20.00 (down from £30). Nope, Breton stripes aren’t going anywhere.
939b0 topmancanvaselementsshopper
^ Canvas ‘Elements’ Shopper – £3.00 (down from £6). Since it’s probably not as likely to rain as it has been, these are finally safe to tote.
13af3 ouijayestee
^ ‘Oui Ja Yes’ Tee – £7.00 (down from £14). For the more glass-half-full of you out there.
c7839 greycottoncargo
^ Grey Cotton Carrot Cargo Jeans – £20.00 (down from £40). Bought these before I made the move to Berlin, now pretty much live in them.
57f26 matiashikingboots
^ ‘Matias’ Hiking Boots – £45.00 (down from £85). You know when everyone went insane about hi-tops? I remained by and large indifferent. Had hi-tops looked like these, however, i’d probably be penniless now…
For shed loads more, see here.

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  • Iván April 1, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    Fisrt time on your blogand love it.I'm following yoy right now.

  • Mat April 1, 2011 at 6:16 pm

    i'm considering the boots