Cool and Stylish Costume Ideas for Men

April 5, 2017
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Have you been invited to a fancy dress party? While some men love dressing up, it can be more challenging for others, particularly if you haven’t been given a particular theme. If you want to be a good sport but don’t like the idea of wearing a goofy costume, here are some fancy dress ideas to help you keep your cool.


Dress up as an international man of mystery. Just think more James Bond than Austin Powers if you’re looking for a fashion-forward costume idea. The sleek spy look includes a slim-cut tuxedo, bow tie, and cufflinks. Accessories could include a martini glass, plastic pistol, or any other spy gadgets.

Patrick Bateman

He very well is an American Psycho, but the character of Patrick Bateman was certainly stylish. Go straight back to the heady days of 1991 when this book was released and don a vintage pinstripe suit. Top it with a plastic raincoat and you’ll look like a million dollars.


Vampires may have lost a bit of their cool with Twilight, but enough time has passed to give this classic look another go. A vampire costume is easy to put together. You could opt for the traditional Count Dracula look, complete with slicked-back hair and a cape, or dress like a Victorian dandy with fangs. This is an easy idea if you need a couples’ costume as well – there are plenty of his and hers options if you browse through women’s Halloween costumes at Funidelia to complement your Count.

Indiana Jones

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If you prefer a more rugged style in your day-to-day life, Indiana Jones is a great fashion icon. Although the movie series came out ages ago, Indie’s look is iconic enough that everyone will know who you’re supposed to be. You need a brown leather jacket and his famous hat to get started. On the bottom, you can wear any pair of strong utilitarian trousers.

Don Draper

You don’t need anything more than a tight, grey suit to look like Don Draper from Mad Men. This is something that many men already have in their closets. If you don’t already have a grey suit, there’s no better time to buy one! Look for a vintage Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren, with a tapered waist and broad-cut shoulders for the most authentic style. But if you really want to achieve the Don Draper look, there are a few other costume pieces that you could consider picking up. Draper wore grey flannel suits as well as plaid flannels and polo shirts for his off-duty style.

From film and TV characters to the classic vampire, there are plenty of fashionable options to choose from. Use these as a jumping-off point, and you’ll look downright dapper at your next themed party.

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