8 Pairs of Shoes All Men Need in Their Closet

December 8, 2015
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Are you overwhelmed by the many different styles of shoes out there? Here is a list of the 8 shoes that are truly essential for your closet. (Titel image: Flickr)

Boat Shoes

1. Boat Shoe

A classic spring/summer shoe, boat shoes are stylish and preppy. Made of canvas or leather, with a rubber sole, they are casual and the perfect everyday shoe for those warmer evenings. Owning a boat is not required.

2. Sandals

Every man needs the perfect pair of casual sandals. Opt for a solid colored pair, made of canvas, that can transition easily from the beach to a lunch date, and hopefully back to the beach.

3. Technical Sneakers

A good quality pair of sneakers will inspire you to hit the treadmill (or the trail, barbells, or whatever your fancy is). If they don’t inspire you to workout, you can at least wear them for yard work!

4. Black Cap Toe Oxfords

You need a pair of formal shoes for the once a year black tie event that your wife or girlfriend is going to drag you to.

John Lobb Brogue

5. Brogues

You can wear brogues, like these ones from M and M Direct, for almost every occasion. They go with any outfit from jeans to dress pants.

6. Dress Boots

For the frigid days when you are forced to go into work, invest in a pair of dress boots that will keep your toes warm, and not make your boss do a double take at your appearance.

7. Casual boots

Make sure you have a pair of casual boots for a hike up a mountain (or to make yourself appear ruggedly handsome; whatever works).

8. Canvas or Leather Sneakers

The perfect everyday shoe that’s comfortable and practical, yet stylish enough that the lady in your life won’t hate them!

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