England: Out and About

January 25, 2017
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Activity days, weekends and holidays are still as popular as ever and there is now a huge selection of experiences to choose from and to meet all tastes. Here are just a few ideas:

Get high on The Shard

It’s been open for nearly four years but the Viewing Platform of London’s Shard still offers the most spectacular views across the whole of London and beyond. On a clear day viewers can see for nearly a forty mile radius and the ride to the viewing platform is by high speed elevator. The Shard is 1,016 feet high and still the tallest building in England. Team the trip to the top and spectacular views with a high quality lunch or dinner and The Shard still offers a unique experience for any activity day.

Drive like crazy

Many people like to think of themselves as good drivers, even exceptional, and long to get behind the wheel of a faster than average vehicle and let it roar on an open track. There is a variety of driving experience activities available and they make a great stag and hen experience that beats hands down the usual drinks party or pub crawl. Options available cover everything from taking a private car out on a track to driving a real thoroughbred super car or even one of the formula racing cars. Experiences can cover a few hours or a whole day and may include tuition from a professional racing driver.

Shredder Days

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A Shredder, also known as a Dual Tracked Vehicle, is an exciting new off-road form of transport. Shredders are open, with riders standing and steering through handlebars. Traction is provided by two heavy-duty tank-like tracks either side of the vehicle. The ride is similar to that on a jet ski and operation is simple. These powerful vehicles give a thrilling experience across all terrain surfaces in any weather conditions. There are a number of locations offering shredder experiences spread across the country. For singles or groups, and for all age ranges, Shredding is an exciting new way to experience off road adventure.

Go gliding

Many have experienced what it is like to fly in a commercial aircraft, but taking a flight in a glider offers a very different experience. Using only the air to enable flight a glider moves effortlessly through the sky with greater manoeuvrability than large commercial aircraft, and the lack of engine noise adds to the unique feel of the flight. The quiet sensation of flying coupled with the spectacular panoramic views make for a memorable experience. There are two ways gliders are launched: by towing behind a small powered aircraft and by winch launch. A winch launch offers a more thrilling start to a flight as the aircraft is pulled quickly along on a cable which is released when the desired height is reached. Those with no experience are soon able to take the controls after some basic tuition and there are a number of locations offering the gliding experience.

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