Gadgets For Your Garden

August 23, 2021
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Gardens can be high maintenance – from planting flowers and mowing grass to setting up furniture and cleaning your patio. You can spend a lot of time and money making your backyard beautiful so here are some garden gadgets to make your life easier and your garden more manageable.

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  Outdoor lighting

More specifically, festoon light fittings for your outdoor lighting. High quality and long-lasting lighting can help to illuminate your garden and create a cosy, magical atmosphere. The festoon lighting is connectable for up to 100m and comes in a variety of lengths, bulb shapes and materials to help you find exactly the type of lighting that will bring your garden to life.

  Robot lawnmower

You are probably familiar with the robot vacuum cleaners or Roombas that are everywhere at the moment – but have you considered a robot lawnmower? If you have a large garden or a busy schedule that makes mowing the lawn a huge, time-consuming chore then you will likely benefit from an automatic mower. There are plenty of size and price options as well as ultra-quiet mowers to keep the noise to a minimum.

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  Thermal Weeder

A thermal weeder treats weeds with a thermal shock of up to 600 degrees to help eradicate those pesky plants without the use of harsh chemicals or weed killers. As well as being a cleaner way to de-weed your driveway or path, it is also much quicker and more effective than pulling weeds by hand.

  Smart watering system

Average temperatures in the summer have been getting higher and higher every year and, whilst there may be some thunderstorms interspersed through the season, long periods of sunshine can have a detrimental effect on your plant life. To keep your garden beautiful and blooming no matter the weather, invest in a smart watering system to keep your flowers hydrated.

  Easy Fill Bag Loader

Rather than dragging a flimsy bin liner around with you whilst you garden, get yourself an easy fill bag loader that turns your bin bag into a rigid container that stands on its own. This way you can use both hands to easily tip the container and it protects the liner from puncturing by sharp cuttings.

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  Twine Cutter

On the cheaper end of the scale, you can get yourself a simple, yet innovative twine cutter. It is worn on your finger to keep your hands free, and the high carbon steel blade allows for quick and precise cutting. You will be surprised how much time you will save by using this simple little gadget.

  Inflatable sun lounger

If you have a smaller garden or you just do not want to buy large pieces of outdoor furniture that take up space – get an inflatable sun lounger. These are comfortable and perfect for sunbathing or relaxing outside with a good book. The best part is that they can be deflated and stored away when you are not using them, then brought out only when the sun is shining.

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