Country Clubs And How They Can Better Prepare For Severe Weather

September 20, 2017
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Considering that most of the surrounding area around a country club is wide open to the elements, it can be difficult to find shelter if a significant weather event strikes. As such, many clubs have to be smart about how they manage their properties for such occurrences, which can be tricky at times. How can you keep the space beautiful and functional while also safe in any condition? To answer that question, let’s look at country clubs and weather preparation and see what some of them are doing.

What Causes the Most Damage?

To make sure that the club can recover faster after a nasty storm, it’s imperative to both understand what kind of events can happen, as well as how they affect the course and the building itself.

For example, most country clubs report that downed trees and branches cost the most during recovery, as they can damage buildings and be tough to remove after the fact. So, to help minimize this problem, tree removal and pruning can be a smart move.

Considering that grass covers most of the landscape, harsh conditions like cold snaps, snow, and hail can make it tough to maintain a pristine course afterward. Hail, in particular, can do a number on country clubs because they leave divots in the grass that are not easily filled.

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Acting in an Emergency

To help them prepare, most country clubs will use weather stations or online weather reporting websites to track storms and see what effect they may have. For the most part, they will have a plan of action for any kind of weather event, from rain to sleet to a full-blown hurricane.

The most important thing is to keep people and staff members’ safe, so courses will be closed if the weather looks bad, and all personnel will be held either inside or evacuated. Peripheral materials like golf carts and equipment are also stored ahead of time to ensure that it won’t get ruined.

In the end, country clubs can only do so much to prepare for a storm. But, thanks to technology and planning, recovery can be swift.

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