What you should know about the Patek Philippe

May 13, 2021
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Patek Philippe: The Past and the Present

There’s something sublime about slipping a Patek Philippe timepiece onto your wrist. For almost two centuries now, the brand has been synonymous with excellence and elegance. But many remain unaware of Patek Philippe’s sparkling heritage. It was in 1839 that a Polish watchmaker with a vision, Antoni Patek, decided to try his luck in Switzerland. Settling in Geneva, he set up shop with a partner. It wasn’t until over a decade later that a partnership with a different visionary, Adrien Philippe, would lead to the watch company becoming what we know it as today. Philippe’s mechanical brilliance and ingenious inventions would take the company to a whole new level.

An Eye for Futuristic Design

Many don’t even realize that a lot of the features we’ve come to know and love in watches—such as the perpetual calendar—were dreamed up by the team behind Patek Phillipe. Boasting over 80 patents, the business has strived to spark innovation at every turn. And although the brand has been in business for a long time now, one of its consistent threads has been the brilliant craftsmen employed to create the watches. Using only the finest materials, these artisans revel in the joy of creating such astonishingly beautiful timepieces.

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A Process Unlike Any Other

At Patek Philippe, both function and form are of the utmost importance. This is why each handcrafted timepiece is put through rigorous tests to ensure that it lives up to the standards of the brand. These days, over 200 craftsmen work on the pieces, observing them and carefully analyzing every aspect of their construction before they’re sent to eventually locate very lucky new owners. Because such a rigorous process cannot be trusted to a large group of people and because each timepiece is inspected carefully, Patek Philippe’s production numbers are relatively limited. Turning out only about 45,000 watches on an annual basis, it’s no wonder that the team’s exquisite watches are in such high demand. The exclusivity factor goes through the roof when one realizes just how rare it is to acquire one of these exceptional timepieces.

An Heirloom Unlike Any Other

It’s true that many choose to purchase Patek Philippe timepieces with their descendants in mind. And with over 200 models to choose from—the Diamond Ribbon Joaillerie to more simple pieces—everyone can find the perfect Patek Philippe to suit them.

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