The Best Drinking Board Games to Play Right Now

May 14, 2021
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Almost every board game can be turned into a drinking game, which is something we probably all did at clubs and parties. Now that we are adults, we have the means to purchase drinking board games that are actually made for drinking and can be played with real booze rather than the cheap stuff that the person with the fake ID might buy.

Now times are changing and we are all high rollers and we need to maintain a certain level of lifestyle. Therefore, our board games carry properties that are exquisite and adorable.

Without further ado, let us share with you some of the best drinking board games that you can play right now and have fun.

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This Australian online casino game is mostly known as the Ultimate drinking board game. A Monopolistic grid is used to layout the table, with a Frosted mug in the middle. Players roll the dice to travel around the board’s edge, following the instructions of the spaces they land on.

The objective is to be the first participant to obtain a six-pack of mini-bottles by landing on “bottle” spaces and performing drinking challenges such as beer pong or flip cup.


This simple and enjoyable board game is ideal for beer enthusiasts and is a fantastic way to spice up an evening with friends and relatives. Players roll dice and pass around the board’s perimeter, which includes commands such as “Girls Drink,” “Pour A Drink Into The Community Cup,” and “Cheers!” “Waterfall,” “(Everyone Drinks),” and much more.


This matured version of Truth or Dare adds alcohol to the mix, ensuring an evening of surprising surprises and outlandish behavior. Various moves are distributed on a circle, with a spinnable bottle pointer in the center, such as Take a Shot, casinous casino, Reality, Dare, Snitch (pick a player and tell them what to do), and Go (where the player executes an action, everybody imitates it, and the last person to do so drinks).

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