Men’s Style: How to Choose Diamond Earrings

December 7, 2018
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Seen on some of the Hollywood’s biggest male celebrities like Johnny Depp and Will Smith, diamond earrings are one of the ultimate accessories. Whether you’re looking to treat him to an expensive pair for Christmas, or you’re wanting to know how to choose the right ones for yourself, here’s how to pick a pair of men’s diamond earrings that are timeless, sophisticated and match his style.

Choosing the Carat

Just like buying a diamond engagement ring, when it comes to choosing earrings, this is the first thing to consider. This is because carat will be one of the biggest factors in price, so it’s a good idea to narrow this down before you start looking.

Basically, the more carats the bigger and heavier the diamond, and the more the earrings will cost. So, if you’re wanting some serious bling, you’ll need to factor this into your spend.

Selecting Your Cut

The traditional shape for diamond earrings, round is a classic yet stylish choice for any man. However, there’s many more to choose from depending on your personal preference. This includes square (known as princess cut), which are ideal if you like your wardrobe to make a statement. There’s also oval, emerald (rectangular with a rounded edge) or cushion (square with a softened edge).

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Solitaire or Cluster

When it comes to men’s diamond earrings, there’s two different options to choose from: solitaire or cluster. The first is a single diamond and typically the most expensive option. The second is a group of small diamonds set together to look like one diamond and can be a great choice if you’re trying to buy on a budget.

Picking Your Metal

Just like other jewellery, diamond earrings are available in a choice of metals. You could choose diamonds housed in silver, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum.

When choosing between them, think about the types of jewellery you own. Do you prefer gold or silver tones? Also consider how often you’ll wear them. Silver can tarnish quickly while platinum is better at holding its finish.

Deciding on Setting

Finally, the last step is to select your setting. This is the shape and type of housing that will hold your diamond(s) and finish off your earrings. Just like cut, there’s a choice of options.

This includes rubover, which encases the diamond so only the top is visible. The perk of this is that it’s the most secure setting, but it can stop them from sparkling as much. Alternatively, a claw setting holds the diamond around the edges, ensuring the stone is on full show.

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