Your Itinerary From Delhi to Leh Sorted

June 5, 2018
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The journey from Delhi to Leh is among the top ten most coveted road trips that most travel junkies crave for. The highways from Delhi to Leh are not only strewn with soothing and panoramic views, but they are also among the most adventurous roads to be traversed. No wonder more and more people, bit by a travel bug, give up taking a bus or a flight to Leh and ride all the way. The splendid view during the journey till the destination has become one of the most prized experiences of the whole trip. People, except the hard-core riders, mostly go on buses from Delhi to Leh.

Leh is a magical land that can put a spell on any traveller. There is much to see and experience one you are there. You can go to Leh on a solo soul-searching trip or with friends and family for a relaxed and laid-back holiday. Peaceful, snow-capped peaks, deep valleys, lakes with crystalline waters and Buddhist monuments that represent their legacy make Leh attractive to people from all over the world. Here is a sorted itinerary to Leh for you to make your trip easier!

The Route

The best way to reach Leh from Delhi is via Manali and thereon to Leh. The road to Manali is beautiful with trees lining the road and panoramic. If you suffer from altitude sickness, you might need to prepare yourself for the trip. The altitude on the route increases rapidly giving your body little time to adjust to the lack of Oxygen at higher levels. If you are someone who suffers from breathing troubles, we will definitely advise you to carry oxygen masks. But should you not go because of this reason? No! This is one such trip that you should not miss if you love travelling. You can also purchase best Leh Ladakh tour packages and take the fun on next level.

Duration of the Trip

The trip from Delhi to Leh will take a few days on a vehicle. The total time taken will depend on how many hours you will be driving a day. You also have to include the overnight stays. It is a total of 25 hrs of driving alone, so assuming you can drive approximately 5 hours a day, you will reach your destination in just 5 days. The total trip would thus, stretch over 12 days since you will need a few days to enjoy the beauty of Leh and its peaks.

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Talking Roads and Halts

The route goes through NH 44 from Delhi and then to NH 9 towards Panipat. From Panipat, the road goes through Karnal towards the famous town of Kurukshetra in Haryana. You will reach Kurukshetra after a three-hour drive, so this will be a place to make your first stop after setting off.

From Ludhiana, via NH 44 you pass Ambala, go onto reaching Kullu and later to Manali, the famous twin holiday destinations en route.  You can make stops at places like Rupnagar, Swarghat, Bilaspur or Mandi. These are towns that will have restaurants or hotels for you to rest or for freshening up before you reach Kullu.

Enjoy Nature’s Beauty

On the way to Leh, you will pass through the Solang Valley, and then the little village called Mandi. These are locations for you to stop by and enjoy nature before you get to Kullu. Kullu and Manali are two unquestionably beautiful places for you to explore. You can stay overnight in Manali before to take the next step towards your destination. From Manali, you will need to get to the Rohtang pass to get to Leh. You will need to avail yourself permits at the pass to go any further.

The Tricky Roads

There on, the journey gets really tricky. Roads are going to get steeper and climbing uphill will definitely affect your body. Your blood pressure may go low, and the blood oxygen levels will drop. Riding continually without breaks is never an option while road tripping to high altitudes. So, you can take your break now and then at some of the smaller towns en-route. Grab a bite, stretch out and relax a bit before you take off again. If multiple drivers are present, you can switch every time you stop so no single driver gets tired out.

The Manali- Leh Highway 473 km of treacherous road, with snow covering an entire side and steep and depthless fall on the other. Calm green lakes, high-rising mountains with their white snow caps and valleys that can take your breath away with their beauty make up for the dangers of the road.

Some Advice for J&K

Passing by the Baralacha La Pass, you can reach the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. It is necessary for you to know that inside the territory of Jammu and Kashmir, you can only use postpaid SIM cards. No pre-paid SIM cards of any other states will function inside J&K.

The next stops could be at the Lachungala Pass and the Taglang La pass, both of which offer you panoramic views of the Ladakh valley. Darcha, a small town in Lahaul is known as a camp spot for the riders on their way to Leh. Pass the villages Sarchu and Upshi and arrive at your destination. On the return journey if you do not want to go down the same path, you can travel from Leh to Srinagar and then to Delhi through the NH 44.

A Delhi to Leh road trip is probably the dream of every Indian traveller. It is as exciting as it is dangerous. One thing to be said about the trip is that it is not for the faint-hearted. The roads are rugged and daring, so you must be a great driver at the least to take on the challenge. You may even check out the best Leh Ladakh tour packages; you might end up with great deals on travel and accommodation!

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