Plan your beautiful wedding online

July 9, 2018
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In wedding planning, each detail is important, so you’ll probably find yourself investing a good amount of time into the process. Below, you’ll discover handy tips that will help you do your planning right from home whether you’re designing your wedding invitations or picking a color scheme for your bridesmaids.

Getting Invites: Wedding invitations are at the top of the list, and finding the right website is helpful. You want one that lets you design while they do the work. There are lots of options including e-invitations or traditional paper ones. You just choose the template and writing style you like best, and all you have to do is stamp and mail. With lots of colors to pick from, you can match cards and envelopes in an eye-catching design.

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Finding a Caterer: You can peruse a company’s website to get an idea of what they offer. When you find one you like, schedule a time to meet the caterers and have a tasting to decide whether you’d like to book them. You can also just pick your favorite restaurant and look through their special events menu to plan your meal.

Choosing a Dress: This is one of the most exciting parts for the bride-to-be, and even this can now be done online. There’s a site called Nearly Newlywed that offers discounted gowns. You can keep it for up to five days and then send it back if it’s not the right one for you. You can also try on and return gowns to larger department stores.

For Your Bridesmaids: You can find great bridesmaids dresses online by visiting a dress rental site and choosing a color palette. Find something you like and order. Check the return policy in case anything doesn’t fit right and needs to be exchanged quickly.

For the Guys: There are now tuxedo rentals available online also. No more last-minute rush to find one! Just choose the size you want and wait for it to arrive so it can be tried on. It’s really that easy, and your groom will thank you for it.

Today’s technology lets you shop right from your easy chair, so take advantage of using it to plan your wedding day, from custom-designed invitations to choosing the food, with less hassle . Enjoy your planning!

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