Ride the Waves: 3 Superyacht Water Toys for 2017

August 1, 2017
Gracie bird diving board

A deciding factor for many charterers when choosing a vessel and an enduring topic of interest for yacht Owners, superyacht water toys define seafaring experiences and offer hours of fun for children and adults alike. Days spent riding the waves on the latest yachting accessories etch into one’s memory with the same precision with which a jet-ski cuts through the water. Nowadays, water toy manufacturers are getting increasingly creative in their design approach in order to vie for the attention of the superyacht industry. Submarines, Flyboards, Seabobs and yacht waterslides have been hot ticket items in recent years, but what’s new in 2017? Which toys do the best motor yachts for sale and charter carry to attract the eye of discerning seafarers? We’ve handpicked the most innovative super yacht water toys that are sure to make a splash amongst the yachting community this year.

The FFF electric jet-ski: the next big thing?

Blissfully quiet and fuel- and emission-free, the Gratis X1 jet-ski is the world’s first electric jet-ski and is set to push boundaries in the superyacht world in 2017. This stand-up personal watercraft will allow you to explore coastlines and waterways without disturbing the wildlife, and will presumably be permitted in areas previously barred to powered PWCs because of noise restrictions. The battery takes approximately four hours to charge, which powers the Gratix X1 for up to 65 minutes. There is also the option to purchase a battery backup to extend ride time. One of the best things about this innovative new product, however, is that the jet-ski has Bluetooth connectivity and sync with mobile devices; a special app allows riders to customise their experience.

Gratis Jet ski

Dive into the golden age of yachting with Gracie Bird

This stunning diving board from Manolo is designed with all the grace and glamour of the 1950s, with sleek lines reminiscent of the elegant styling of classic Riva models – iconic vessels that cruised along the French Riviera in the early years of luxury yachting. Named in homage to Princess Grace of Monaco, the Gracie Bird diving board is a thing of exceptional beauty. Built of carbon fibre and wood, it blends aesthetic splendour with functionality. Since there will be only 100 Gracie Bird diving boards produced, this is an ultra-exclusive water toy that will only appear on a selection of fine superyachts.

Gracie diving board profile

From land to water on the Biski

Powered by a twin-cylinder petrol engine, the Biski from Gibbs is an innovative amphibious vehicle that is sure to interest yacht Owners in the near future. Not only does it function as a road-legal motorcycle, but it can quickly transform into a jet-ski. It can reach a top speed of 80mph on land and 37mph on the water. While the product is still in development, the current prototype demonstrates that the concept is feasible.

“When you have a yacht that is too big for most marinas, what’s the point of having a tender that can’t get you past the beach or out of the marina’s gate? Our products give people the freedom to go from yacht to beach, to hilltop cafe, while not sacrificing speed or performance. In many ways, the Biski, which will be road legal, epitomises the freedom our products represent,” commented a spokesperson from Gibbs.


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