5 killer tips how to create a successful event

July 17, 2017
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Creating a successful event takes planning, organization, and preparation. With modern technology, the planing process can be made easier using things like online event registration, budgeting software, and online advertising. You can also use synced calendars and organization apps to keep up with everything from your event checklist to the supplies you’ll need to make the event successful. The following are 5 tips to help you create a successful event.

Create an Overall Checklist

This checklist should include everything about the event and ideally a timeline in which each task needs to be completed. You can use an online calendar app that is synced between your different devices so that you always have access to what needs to be done based on your timeline. You can also set up alerts to ensure that you complete all the needed tasks on time.

Set Up Your Budget

The budget is essential to ensure that you’re able to create the event you want. If you’re on a limited budget, consider what is most important to the event and budget for those items first. Once you see if there are leftover funds after the essentials are taken care of, you can plan to use them accordingly. An online budgeting program or simple budgeting app that allows input of expenditures as money is spent can help you stay on track with your budget.

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Buy Your Supplies

Events need supplies like decorations, food, and drinks. Be sure to plan for refreshments accordingly based on the number of expected attendees. It’s always better to have some extra food and drink, rather than to run out, which is a sure way to leave guests with a negative opinion of the event. There are many ways to go about the dining aspect of the event depending on the formality and type of event you’re having. Sit-down meals served by waitstaff are ideal for formal events, where informal events can have a buffet style meal or even snacks and appetizers only.


To gain exposure for your event, you need to advertise. If it’s a private event by invitation only, you can set up a social media page for those you wish to invite with all the relevant event information. For public events, use different social media and online outlets to gain as much exposure for your event as possible.

Setup Online Registration

To get an accurate estimate of the number of attendees for your event, you can set up online event registration through Typeform. This allows those who are interested in your event to complete their registration through a simple online form. You can setup your registration form to mirror the style of the event. You can even accept payment through the Typeform website.

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