8 Forgotten Essentials Every Bloke Needs In Their Tool Box

November 15, 2016

There is nothing blokes love more than being handy around the house – whether it is fixing a basic leak in the pipes or building the ultimate man cave. It is of utmost importance that every guy has the perfect toolbox for handy work around the house, in order to do the best job possible when fixing the nitty gritty issues that arise at home. To help you ensure that your arsenal is well equipped, here are 8 forgotten essentials that every bloke needs in their toolbox.

  1. Which Level Do You Live On?

No, we’re not talking about what storey of the building you live on. A level is an essential item when it comes to the perfect toolbox. Levels are not just for wedding cake makers who are trying to ensure that their cake layers are perfectly flat – they are a handy man’s best friend. From making sure the flat screen television or wall shelves are perfectly leveled to basic things like hanging a picture frame up, a level takes away the need to eyeball or guess if something is perfectly leveled. This is something you definitely want in your arsenal.

  1. A High Quality Head Torch

A high quality head torch is something that people often forget to include in their toolbox. There are times when you need both your hands, and holding a hand held torch to help light up dark corners is not an option in this case. A quality head light that is light, durable, and able to achieve a remarkable amount of power is a great addition to any toolbox. Good brands offer rechargeable options as well, ensuring you are never left in the dark!

  1. A Claw Hammer

A good, solid and quality claw hammer can be used for driving nails into wood as well as assist in small demolition jobs. Our suggestion is to go for a classic 16 ounce hammer – these are heavy enough for most basic home repair needs, but at the same time light enough for you to carry around without it being a nuisance. We also suggest choosing something that has a long-lasting synthetic handle. When picking out a good claw hammer, choose one that has a good balance in your hand and isn’t too head heavy.


  1. Locking Pliers

Locking pliers are a godsend when you are in need of an extra hand but only have your own two ones to work with. Locking pliers are pliers that can lock in place. Some of these pliers utilise a mechanism that allows a one-handed release of the locking mechanism; others require two hands to disengage. Extremely versatile and adaptable, locking pliers are tools that can not only be used as pliers, but also as adjustable wrenches, wire cutters, or even a clamp. Don’t forget to grab these at the hardware store!

  1. Electric Drill

Most of us have basic toolboxes at home, but one thing a basic toolbox doesn’t include is an electric drill. Often thought of as tools that only construction workers or tradesmen need, electric drills are actually an absolute essential in the home toolkit. A drill is a workhorse that will bore holes, tighten all your screws up, and basically smash through your repair projects like a pro. An electric drill will save you massive amounts of time and effort, and will get the job done in less than half the time.

  1.    Pick-Up Tool

If you often work on your car or home, it is a given that you will occasionally drop nuts, screws and bolts into annoying corners where you cannot reach them by hand. A pick up tool will allow you to retrieve a dropped item without having to throw things around or tear your house apart to reach them. Available as a magnetic pick-up tool or a claw pick-up tool, this is something that you definitely want to include in your tool box.


  1.     Tweezers

No, tweezers aren’t just for your wife to pluck her eyebrows with – they are an essential in any toolbox. Although it may seem goofy, real tweezers (not the tiny cosmetic ones) are the perfect tool for digging splinters out, from wood to metal.

  1. Stainless Steel Putty Knife

Putty knives are the essential tool for prying, scraping, and of course, applying putty.  Investing in a 1½-inch size putty knife for scraping and a 5 or 6inch one for spreading is a good start for covering most of your basic needs.


With these 8 forgotten essentials now nicely packed away in your handy tool kit and maybe also some safety clothing, you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way. No repair project will be too big for you to handle when your trusty tool box is so well equipped!

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