How to pick the perfect gift for your male relative

December 1, 2016
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Some men find buying presents easy, while for others, it can be something that often causes problems, and so it becomes quite a chore or something that they would rather not think about. Of course, everyone loves the great feeling that giving a well-received gift can bring, but equally there is often a feeling of pressure to make sure that exactly the right thing is chosen. The answer to this dilemma is that there really is never one single perfect gift that can be given, so all that actually needs to be done is to have a good idea of what the person in question might actually like to receive. An added complication for many men when it comes to gift-getting can occur when buying for another man, whether that might be a family member or simply a good buddy. Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks that can be used to make picking the perfect male gift much easier and stress-free.




The festive holiday season brings this problem into focus far more than at any other time of the year. The odd birthday or celebration at other times throughout the year can usually be handled without too much hassle, but during the Christmas season, the pressure is usually on to buy suitable gifts for a number of male relatives of various ages. Getting a list of ideas together can’t really be done on a ‘one size fits all’ basis, especially if one wants to really personalize each and every gift so that they give maximum enjoyment to their recipients. So the best way to start is by putting people into different categories and narrowing things down from there.


Age range


Depending on what age the ‘giftee’ is will have a big effect on choosing the ideal present. Although men of all ages often like a useful gift such as a tool or work-related item, fun gadgets that are little more than time wasters can also often bring a big smile to faces as they are unwrapped and then put to use. For younger male relatives, a technology based gift will often be most welcome, but if one is not sure about preferences when it comes to brands or platforms, it might be best to use the old fail-safe of gift cards or vouchers. For older relatives, some knowledge about hobbies or pastimes can be quite useful, as a gift related to these subjects will always be welcomed, which makes a golf fan or sports fanatic reasonably easy to please if a little thought is put into practice.


Food and drink


Another area to bear in mind is food and drink consumables. Many adult men will have a favored beverage or tipple that they like to drink, and a good bottle of wine or spirits can be a great gift as long as one knows what the recipient actually enjoys. Likewise, various specialist accessories such as Master port glasses can make for a gift that is highly personalized and shows attention to detail if one knows that particular drink is the gift recipient’s favorite.


Food can be trickier to get right, but again if there is an acknowledged preference, it is something that can be used to make for a very personal gift. Any aspiring chef might welcome some good quality tools such as knives, while someone who has a more general interest in preparing food might enjoy a course in learning a certain technique or style. Slightly more exotic options such as specialist cured meats or fish that have long use-by dates might also be appropriate in some cases.




The thing that anyone will appreciate most in receiving a gift is to see that it is the result of thought and personalization from the giver. Although giving money can often be the result of frustration and a desire not to give something that will not be suitable for the recipient, it really is the easy way out and as such should be treated as the very last option. By taking a little time and making an effort, even if that just means asking someone else who might know exactly what the best gift for a certain person might be, picking the perfect gift for a male relative need not be a trauma and could even turn out to be something that gives the gift giver as much joy as it does to the person at the receiving end.

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