Top 5 Productivity Apps for Businessmen on The Go

October 24, 2016
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The world of business has changed a lot since the last tech update which was the introduction of laptops. It is slowly adapting, and since first tablets and similar mobile devices are finding their place in the world of business with incredible speed, it is good to know which productivity apps are ideal for young businessmen. So, here is a list of 5 productivity apps that should be on your phone or tablet if you do a lot of your work on the go and find using a laptop not as effective!


Most businessmen that do a huge chunk of their work outside of the office get dozens of business cards monthly. Going to conferences, interviews and similar will surely have you stuck with a couple since we haven’t yet found a good replacement for them. If you want to go around with pockets and wallets full of business cards, by all means be our guest. However, if you plan on having further contact with the people that gave you their cards you might want to consider storing them somewhere safely. Like within your Dropbox, or any other place that is far less likely to get them lost or stolen. This is  a very convenient app that makes staying in touch and contacting people a no brainer when it comes to must-have productivity apps. ScanBizCards available on both iOS and Android.

Image to Word

Scanning is a great technology, but what are you gonna do if you have a piece of paper in your possession, like a bank statement, or a meeting brief and you need to edit it, reuse it and ship it out ASAP? In that case scanning just won’t help you, and that’s why Image to Word is there to help you out. This app uses OCR technology (which stands for Optical Character Recognition) in order to process and convert your text-rich images, photos and screenshots into an easily editable and useful MS Word file. Files are converted to .docx, which means that you can choose from several editing apps, always keeping your options open. From the app you can also send the new file via email, share via social media, or store into one of your cloud based mobile apps.

File Manager


If you have problems moving your files around, storing them and accessing them from your cell phone, you should give File Manager a go. This app allows you to open Office files, PDFs, different types of image files as well as videos and lots more. You can also connect it with your Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and most importantly Google Drive. File Manager is one of the rare apps that allows you to zip and unzip files from your phone, which is one of the biggest things if you are into sending and receiving files via email from your mobile devices. Given that its premium features are only 3 dollars per month, you can always opt out and not subscribe to the premium version if you already know that you won’t be using it too much that month.



This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t add a note taking app for when you’re at a meeting and find yourself lacking paper, or your pen is refusing to work with you. While most people know about Evernote, iAnnotate and OneNote, Simplenote has been lowkey getting more popular by the day. Many users of the 3 most downloaded note taking apps don’t know that Simplenote is the ultimate cross platform apps because it’s available on iOS, Android, PC and even web. Also, it’s free to use which makes it a lot cheaper than its competitors. As its name implies Simplenote has a great user interface and tags to organize content. However, this app lacks image storage as well as file attachment and text formatting, even though these are things that are easily upgradable and Simplenote developers are sure to work hard on this fabulous productivity app!


Coming out of the Citrix development center, GoToMeeting will help you schedule your meetings and other must-do things over the course of the week. This app gives a whole new perspective on traditional meetings that can often times be exhausting and time consuming. GoToMeeting allows you to connect with up to 5 other people with shared webcams when making a video conference call. Make sure you give it a go next time you have to talk to people in person but just don’t have the time or place to organize a meeting!

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