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December 24, 2016
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Planning relocation and don’t know how to organize the whole process? Time is of the essence here so it is wise to plan ahead and address proficient movers, who will take of all the grunt work. No matter what king of moving is ahead of you – office, industrial or residential one, expert movers will take care of everything as they have the needed experience and required equipment. Moreover professionals providing additional invaluable services that require extra payment but rather essential:

  • Packing and unpacking services. Your fragile, breakable or bulky possessions demand careful handling and special packing materials. Professional movers will provide best packing services and your belongings will be delivered safely and on time;
  • Have piano or other large objects to move? Don’t worry as hoisting is another useful service that requires skills and experience. Regular person is risking having moving related accident if trying hoisting bulky objects out of window without assistance or equipment;
  • Disassembly or reassembly of your bulky furniture. As a rule movers have special equipment and have experience in dealing with large furniture;
  • Taking heavy items by the stairs up or down also might be challenging assignment that require special training – don’t try managing everything by yourself or asking your friends for assistance;
  • Professional orange county movers provide storage facilities for long distance relocations;

Without any questions the range of professional services is much larger than we described and you must address local moving company to find out more about available discounts.

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Moving tips for beginners

Moving day is approaching and it is time better to start in advance to prepare everything on time and without hurry.  Before starting – make a list so you won’t forget something important.  Here are basic tips to ensure successful outcome:

  • Pack a box with essentials for the first few night at a new place: change of clothes, toiletries, take away menus, laptop, important documents, etc.;
  • It is a great idea wrapping breakables in clothing. In this way you will safe bubble wrap and will saving time by packing clothes and kitchenware at the same time;
  • Looking for extra packing material? Use clean socks to wrap glasses or stemware;
  • Don’t forget to label each box and indicate the room it belongs to;
  • Vital recommendation for ladies – use cotton pads to keep powder cosmetics from breaking, etc.

When it comes to hiring a moving company – use services only of established, licensed ones. Try reading reviews and asking friends and neighbors for referrals. Insurance coverage is also worth closer attention along with payment options. Addressing a reliable moving company saves time and allows you to enjoy this new experience without additional stress.

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