How to Encourage Better Health and Fitness on Campus

December 24, 2016
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As a student, keeping fit is probably important to you – not only does staying fit and healthy do wonders for your physical appearance, it also raises your energy levels and clears your head, leaving you feeling happier, less stressed, and better able to perform well at college. But, staying fit can be difficult, and it’s not always fun. If you’d like to promote health and fitness at your college and get everybody together to exercise in a way that’s fun and social, you might want to think about holding a college event with the help of your student union or other organization. We’ve listed some great college event ideas to help yourself and your fellow students stay fit.

Obstacle Courses

Obstacles courses can be a huge amount of fun, and they’re a great way to stay fit whilst socializing with friends and meeting new people. An obstacle course is a great idea for a campus event as they are interesting and will encourage people to take part, especially if there is a fun prize up for grabs! This college events company specializes in obstacle courses and similar, so get in touch if you’d like help with hiring equipment, promotion of your event, and more!

Raising Awareness

One of the main reasons why college students don’t keep as fit and healthy as they’d like is simply because they are unsure how to go about it. Perhaps your campus has a gym, but it’s a bit old and run down and just doesn’t get the attention that it should. Or, maybe there are no groups that students could join to find new people to exercise or play sports with! Starting an exercise group such as a running club for students can be a great way to encourage more people at your college to think about their fitness and get involved.


Organizing a sponsored event, such as a sponsored fun run or bicycle ride at your campus can not only be a great way to encourage yourself and more students to keep fit, it can also be an awesome way of raising money for a good cause. Asking people to sponsor your event can help to raise awareness of it, and often, people are more inclined to take part in something that will allow them to do their bit and raise money for a charitable cause.

Get Talking

Last but not least, getting everybody on campus talking about their health and fitness can be a great way to encourage fellow students to exercise more and even eat healthier. Designing a campus-wide campaign that challenges students to work out more often or cook healthier meals, perhaps even organizing events that help students learn how to cook healthily or eat healthy on a budget, and simply bringing the topic up in your conversations on campus can all make a significant difference.

Do you manage to stay fit on campus, or do you encourage others to pay more attention to their health and fitness? We’d love to see some of your best tips in the comments.

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