2017 Jeans and Jogger Trends

December 22, 2016
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For decades, jeans and joggers have been fashion staples. Virtually every man has them in their wardrobes. As a result, virtually every designer includes them in their collection, every year.

On this page, we are looking forward to 2017 and sharing with you some of the trends we have spotted, with the aim of helping you to plan ahead a few weeks, and get your look right.

Jean trends

For 2017, slim cut men’s jeans are once again set to be central to your overall look. However, some designers have opted to include slightly wider cuts in their collections as well. Therefore, if you prefer straight cut, rather than slim or skinny jeans it will be much easier for you to get your hands on them, this year.

Colour wise you are still looking mainly at black or blue jeans, but we have also seen some nice dark green and russet denims available. These are a particularly good option for those who want to wear them to work, or for semi-formal socialising like meals out in a nice restaurant.

If you do manual work, and like to wear jeans, you will be especially pleased to see that stretch fabrics are back in vogue. Many retailers have at least a few in their collections.

It looks like most men will be wearing belts with their jeans, in the coming year. Simple, light coloured webbing belts are set to be popular. The vast majority of the jeans we have seen on the catwalks feature a zip, rather than a button up fly.

Jogger trends

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Men’s joggers look set to be even more popular than they were last year. It seems that many men are putting comfort first. They want to look good, but have had enough of wearing tight cuts, so jogging bottoms are back with a vengeance.

Most men will be wearing them around the house, for popping out to the shops, and, of course, for sports. However, they are also popular workwear for the winter months. Using joggers makes it easy to layer up in the mornings to keep the chill at bay, and strip things back a bit as the sun warms things up a bit later in the day.

Cut wise, joggers have gotten a little wider in the leg, but still fit quite closely around the buttock area. To make this look work most designers have opted to use heavier materials than they did in years gone by. This means that the prices have gone up a little, but also means that they look better, and are more likely to last for longer.

Colours are muted, with greys, beige and light blue featuring heavily. Bold logos are making a comeback his year, but there are plenty of completely plain joggers available as well. These are mainly made by generic manufacturers, so have the added benefit of being more affordable. You just need to be careful to check the quality of the material used before buying them to find a good pair that will look good, and stay that way even after they have been washed a few times.

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