Gym instructor courses and healthy nosh: some fitness tips

November 12, 2015
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You’re ripped like Schwarzenegger and healthier than a gazelle who dines on whole foods. When you flex your arms in the mirror, it shatters. Nuts instantly crack open when they eyeball your finely sculpted thighs. Women swoon at the merest glimpse of your honed biceps.

And then you wake up. In the cold reality of waking life, your gut is flabbier than a chronic alcoholic, your arms look like drainpipes and women try to avoid eye contact with you.

But what if your wildest, most muscular dreams could come true? What if your fitness regime was as tight as your glistening man-buns?

Well, they very easily could be. Take a look at these tips and you’ll be cracking mirrors and breaking hearts in no time.

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Nuts about nutrition

The old male stereotype of being rubbish in the kitchen isn’t going to do you any favours when you’re working out. In order to develop muscles, you’ll have to ditch those saturated fats and vie for meals high in vitamins, minerals and proteins (known as superfoods).

If you struggle to bulk up, you’ll have to double your portions. Instead of one handful of cashew nuts, take two. Try this for every snack and meal – always being sure to choose healthy options – and you’ll have plenty of bulk to work with.

Warm up and take it easy

Exercising isn’t about Full Metal Jacket-style regimes. It’s about being able to stretch your body at its own pace, developing muscle at your leisure. While you’ll still strain and ache, stretching and knowing your limits will stop your ligaments tearing.

The length of your warm-up will depend on the rigorousness of your planned workout, however a standard five to 10 minutes will suit most purposes.

Stretch all quadrants you’ll be using during your exercise time, and make sure you’re not feeling overly stiff or strained before you begin your workout. As soon as you hit the gym, you’ll build up a sweat, but won’t strain a thing.

Make it your career

If you’ve become a fitness pro, why not make it a career? As the number of private gyms rises, the need for instructors is ever more pressing.

Gym instructor courses are available from this site, and can give you in-depth knowledge on nutrition, exercise plans, physiology, warm-ups and much more.

You might think you already know everything about staying fighting fit, but training other people is a whole different ball game. You’ll have to be able to alter your fitness plans to suit every body type and understand how to keep people raring and motivated. But with some training, you’ll be able to make your passion for exercise a viable fulltime job.

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