5 Essential Timepiece Brands You Need to Own

December 8, 2016
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When it comes to wristwatches, owning the most stylish and coveted one is every man’s dream. However, the most popular ones may come with a hefty price tag. Saving your pocket from that big hole are some new brands that offer super-stunning timepieces at the most affordable prices.

Browse through for the list:

  1. Bravur Watches

Based in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden, Bravur Watches is an independent and upcoming brand that promises style and quality. This brand was conceived in the year 2011. Today, Bravur stands as an expression of personal style and identity. They offer the most distinctive wristwatches at the most pocket-friendly prices. Their designs reflect the modernity and free ideas of today.

  1. AARK Collection

AARK Collective is an Australian brand that is the brainchild of four creative professionals from Melbourne. Their designs reflect the playful and aesthetic moods of life. They make use of high-quality Japanese and Swiss Quartz movements to offer the most precise performance. Also, the casings and leather straps of their timepieces are brilliantly designed.

  1. TID Watches

We know how Sweden loves the craft of watch making. On this note, here’s the second entrant of our list that comes from the city of Stockholm. TID makes it a point to design the most unique and genuine products that offer value for money. They have a team of experienced designers who make sure each piece has an individualistic charm to it.

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  1. COA Studios

COA Studios is another affordable wristwatch brand for you to check out. They offer exquisite designs of wristwatches and straps that’ll go well with almost every other attire of yours. You can get several colors, all at pocket-friendly prices. COA’s penchant for crafting the most expressible and impressive wristwatches makes it wins several hearts. Their dedication to designing pieces that immense style to one’s look is unparalleled.

  1. Chi and Chi

Based in Taiwan, Chi and Chi is a sprawling design studio that made its foray into the realm of watch making in 2013. They are a team of experienced and creative professionals who look for inspiration in every small thing in life and then craft a masterpiece of time out of it. With their awe striking and slick collection of timepieces, you will simply fall in love with the idea of wearing wristwatches every day. Browse through the Chi and Chi store to lay hands on high quality timepieces at affordable prices.

Check out these essential timepiece brands today and add the most interesting pieces to your collection right away.



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