Lads guide to getting a ‘cover model physique’ in 90 days.

November 15, 2016
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Put down your beer and toss away the burgers and fries. It’s time for you to commit to a change for the better. I promise you that you will not only look good (both clothed and naked), but you will feel good and that you will attract more opportunities that you ever have before in your life.

Lads, I’m presenting you with the 90-day guide to get yourself a cover-model physique. Yes, I am talking about the same physique that you see people gracing on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine. If you’re guilty of thinking or saying to yourself that you will never have that look, then you’re limiting your own potential. I promise you that if you commit to making a positive change, you, your peers and your future admirers will give you more adulation. They may even refer you to a 7,8, 9 or 10 out of 10.

With an improved physique comes confidence, boldness and the opportunity to radiate charisma. Your Yin and Yang will be more balanced and you will see an improvement in the quality of your life. So sit back, absorb the information and make a change for the better.

Do cardiovascular activities at least 4 times per week.

The one thing most lads ignore is cardio. We’ve all been there and it’s better that you make the confession than doubt it. You need to do cardio activities that will increase your heart rate over a period of time and will burn the energy reserves in your body (or in lad terms, fat) so that you can unleash that hidden 6 pack in 90 days time.

Now if you’re a bit more on the bigger size, you might not get down to a six pack, but I can promise you that you will look healthier and you will also improve your body’s aesthetics.

The quickest way to burn your body fat is by running. You can do it on the road, trail, in sporting activities or on the treadmill, but the longer you run with an elevated heart-rate, the more your heart will work and the more fat you will burn.

You can also participate in other cardio activities such as hiking, cycling, rowing or football. But you must commit to doing something. Playing darts at the pub on a Sunday afternoon doesn’t count.

Improve your muscle-balance by doing resistance weights.


Cardio activity sculpts your body whereas resistance weights shapes the body. You need to do the right resistance weights so that your body will develop a well-balanced muscular shape all over. This means you have to work out all of the muscles on your body. Don’t just do your chest on a Monday and call it a session for the week.

Make sure you workout your shoulders, back, legs, chest, arms and abdominals. As you start to get more muscle while you are reducing your body’s fat, the muscles will start to “pop”. Check out your local gym or nudge the boss to get the lads some commercial gym equipment as a part of the job’s perks.

You are what you eat, so pay attention to your nutrition.


I said to you at the start to put the burgers and chips down, but it goes beyond that. If you eat junk, then you are going to look like garbage. If you eat healthily, you will look amazing. The way you are going to improve your physique is by paying attention to the calories that you consume everyday and the macros within your meals.

Aim to have heavy protein meals with lean meats (or vegetables if you are vegetarian) and avoid consuming too much fat and carbohydrates. As a rule of thumb, if your plate doesn’t have more than 50% of protein and less than 30% of carbs on the plate, then it will restrict you from achieving your cover-model goal.

If you do choose to consume a bit more, make sure you do cardio exercise to burn off those extra calories so it doesn’t get stored in your body as fat. So there you have it guys. If you stick to this workout regime and diet, you will be seeing a new you in 3 months time. Give it a shot and I promise you that you will love the results.

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