Diego Diaz Marin: Señorito Italiano.

December 16, 2012
Although having been raised quite Catholic during my childhood and early adolescence, I couldn’t recite a Hail Mary now if my life depended on it. But my current anti-Church/anti-organised religion stance notwithstanding, I do have a certain soft-spot for religious iconography, esp. where usage is naughtily blasphemous. As the great surrealist filmmaker Luis Buñuel once said, “Sex without religion is like cooking an egg without salt”…

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And this latest shoot from Spanish photographer Diego Diaz Marin entitled Señorito Italiano featuring Alberto Ciottoli, brings the conventionally antonymous spheres of crude and creed together in a representation of one man struggling with the various pressures of tradition, religion and sexuality.

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Marin has also shot Just Cavalli’s SS11 underwear campaign, keep an eye on his homepage for further updates, or to check out more of his work.

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    the rich blinding lights are encapsulating

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