The Definitive Guide to Moving Out Solo for The First Time

November 15, 2016
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Moving house is a big deal. Moving into your OWN home is an even bigger deal and something to be taken very seriously indeed. After all, you’re about to enjoy the kind of freedom that only comes from being able to get out of bed without a stitch on and saunter down the hallway to get a glass of water. Such is the freedom of living alone, you see. And it’s these kinds of experiences, among many others, that are going to make all the difference and what makes living alone worth it. For some people, living alone is a great option – and for others, it is their idea of a special kind of isolated hell.

Mention living on your own to some people and depending on who you speak to, you will get a different response, ranging from “I couldn’t ever do that”, to “oh gosh I wish I could live alone – I hate living in a share house!” If you’ve made the decision to live on your own then good for you – you’re going to love it. We want to help you with the whole process – from finding a removalist to choosing the right kind of drapes for the living rooms. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to enjoy solo living to the fullest.

Get yourself a good team of removalists

The toughest part of moving house is convincing a bunch of your friends to get on board and to do it with you. The reason? You have to heft a bunch of really heavy, cumbersome stuff up and down stairs and in and out of rooms. Usually on a stinking hot day. Does that sound appealing? Didn’t think so. So save your mates from having to pony up with the muscle on a weekend and hire yourself some trusted removalists to manage all of your furniture. For just a small financial commitment you can get a huge amount of peace of mind. Now that is worth it – especially for all of the perks of living solo.

Invest in good quality furniture


While the idea of getting a few milk crates together and zip-tying them into form sounds appealing to your hip pocket, the truth is that this kind of rootless existence often has the roll-on effect of making you feel like you’re living in a squat every time you spy a corner of blue milkcrate poking out from under your mattress. Do the right thing by yourself and get a proper bed, a proper wardrobe and all the right things that will make you feel like a real adult.

Get a great recipe book or two

Nothing says “I’ve got my stuff together” faster than a homecooked meal. Make a real positive impact on the ladies or gentlemen in your life by having them over for dinner and then pulling out a fully cooked dinner. No UberEats in sight! Of course, once you’ve snared them, you can feel free to spend lazy Sundays in bed UberEats-ing yourselves out of your hangovers – in fact that’s kind of amazing. But – make sure you pull out all the stops with some home-cooked dinner first!


Have a great housewarming party

It won’t feel like your house until you get some friends together and have a few drinks to celebrate your new abode. Invite your nearest and dearest and be sure to supply the champagne to toast to your new pad.

Stick to a budget

Nothing says adulting like being able to stick to a budget. If you’re worried about how you’re going to be able to afford the rent then be sure to get yourself a budget tracker with your bank or online.

Congrats on taking the step to move out of your home or share house, and making the move out on your own! Follow a budget, get a few recipes under your belt and then work on buying quality furniture that will make your house feel like a home.

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