5 Ways to Make Your Car as Stylish and Unique as You

September 23, 2018
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It’s not your cologne. It’s not your clothes or shoes. And it’s not your smartphone or watch, either.

Recently, relationship therapists have agreed that of all the possessions a man might own, it is his car of choice that speaks the loudest about who he is. And if it’s your car that will be speaking for you, then you’ll want to make sure it’s saying the right things.

With that in mind, here are five ways to stylize your vehicle to make it appear just as trendy, dapper and as cool as you.

The Interior

1. Seat Covers

If you’ve been sporting the same ride for a few years now, it’s safe to say that the interior has seen better days. Underneath your gym bag and those packets of Taco Bell hot sauce, it’s likely your seat covers could use some love. With an array of designs available, from Batman to Baja beach prints, there’s a seat cover set to complement just about any personality.

Replacing the covers requires minimal energy but can instantly transform the vibe inside your vehicle. You can find covers that are standard sized, or if you really want to go all out, order them made to measure. For men of leisure and luxury, there are also various styles of heated seat covers powered by the vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

2. Headliner

Perhaps seat covers aren’t dramatic enough for you and your ride. No worries there. That’s because there’s always the option to upgrade your car’s headliner. That material that lines the interior of your vehicle’s roof can be swapped out for an alternate color, pattern or luxurious material.

Men who appreciate the finer things in life may opt for leather, while the more adventurous might go for a headliner that mimics a starry sky. Got Saturday Night Fever? There are even disco ball headliners out there for sale.

3. Refrigerator

If you’re a fella with an on-the-go lifestyle, or one who’s simultaneously opulent and pragmatic, you can quite literally have the coolest ride by driving around with your own mini fridge. This little extravagance can be installed in the back seat, front passenger seat or even in the center console. Say hello to convenience and goodbye to warm beverages while you’re out and about.

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The Exterior

4. Body Kit or New Hood

Though it’s a pricey way of using your car to mirror your personality, using a body kit or replacing the hood with a new color or style can take a would-be boring car and transform it into a sexy beast. Many body kits focus attention on ground effects, and the difference can be as subtle or dramatic as you’d like, depending on how much attention your personality demands.

A more affordable option, however, would be to replace the hood with an updated style or new color. This kind of change will add depth and complexity to the appearance of your vehicle, making others draw a parallel between its appearance and the kind of person you are. The bolder the change, the more assertive and aggressive you’ll appear.

5. New Tires

In the market for some new treads? Then pop off those old, dented and dusty hubcaps and launch them down the street like frisbees, and then check out the variety of wheels and caps that will fit your car or truck. On trucks, tires are anything but universal, so check out the websites of online tire retailers to make sure you choose the correct size and style.

Though new tires and/or caps will no doubt make a truck inevitably stand out from a crowd, they’re not just for looking pretty. Indeed, they also help to complement the personality of the smart and practical guy behind the wheel, especially when he’s able to find a good deal on them.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

So forget the old adage, “The clothes make the man.” These days, a man may be compared to the horsepower he rode in on versus how fragrant he smells. Use these five tips to help ensure your best self is what’s on display to the world.

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