London’s Most Exclusive Club

August 14, 2016
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Samuel Johnson once said that if a man were at all intellectual, he would never leave London. Dr. Johnson’s quip is as true today as it was in the 18th century, especially with the growth of London’s gentlemen’s clubs. Unfortunately for young men lacking connections, these clubs are the most difficult in the world to break into. But if you have the guts, charisma, and confidence to weasel your way into these clubs, read on. This article will give you the names of the hottest London clubs and different strategies to get into them.


L’Escargot is the oldest French restaurant in London. It was founded in 1896 and it is still going strong at 48 Greek Street in Soho. The Club Prive is L’Escargot’s private gentlemen’s club that allows 1,000 members. Club owners say that sociability is the top criteria for successful applicants.

The Art’s Club

Founded in 1863, this club only admits people who are deeply interested in high culture or the sciences. Guests must know at least two current members in this club to be considered. They must also prove a profound interest in the arts or sciences through their work. Club owners say, however, that they have a broad definition of “art.” This club is located at 40 Dover Street.

Home House

This popular club was designed in 1773 and can be found in 19, 20, and 21 Portman Square. Home House managers have a lengthy application process that requires a written form, acquaintance with two current members, and the ability to answer a grueling in-person interview with questions like, “what restaurants do you go to in London?”


The Groucho

This arts club can be found in Soho on 45 Deans Street. The two most important questions managers ask themselves when admitting new members are “what did this person achieve in the arts?” and “would I enjoy sitting next to him at a bar?”

The Hospital

You cannot be considered for The Hospital’s club unless you know someone in it. After you are recommended, you must demonstrate that you work in a significant creative field. This extremely prestigious club is located on 24 Endell Street.


Quo Vadis

In case you forgot your Latin, “quo vadis” means “where are you going?” It turns out a lot of trendy people are going to this club at 26 Dean Street. This club is very laid back, and the staff mainly looks for authenticity and charm in their applicants.

Always remember that first impressions are key. You should show up to these clubs dressed with style and confidence. It is worth your money to invest in a limo ride on your first appearance at these clubs.There is no better limo service in London than Blacklane limousine service to help you out with that. Anyway, enough tips! Now it’s time for you to earn your spot in these famous clubs.

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