10 Items Every Gent Needs in Their Garage

August 17, 2016
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A garage may be the place of solitude in your home. Somewhere you can get away from the stresses of work and family life to simply immerse yourself in a range of DIY and car related tasks. Whether you’ve just bought a brand new home with a garage to kit out, or are looking to fill an existing one with essential items, here are ten things every man needs in their garage.

  1. Pressure Washer

Keeping your motor clean and sparkling is essential, so you need a pressure washer in your garage to get its exterior cleaned efficiently. It will save on the time and water spent cleaning.


  1. Trolley Jack

A trolley jack is required when working on the underside of your car. Find one that suits the size of your car, ensuring it will be strong enough to lift it up so you can work safely underneath it.

  1. Work Bench

A garage isn’t just place for working on your vehicles though, a lot of people use theirs for general DIY tasks. For this a quality workbench is required, whether you’re hammering, sawing, drilling or more.

  1. Air Compressor

You need an air compressor for quickly and easily inflating car and bicycle tyres, as well as more fun items like footballs and beach floats. It saves time rather than visiting the local garage.

  1. CD/Radio/Speakers

Add a bit of fun to your work by installing some speakers in the garage. CDs may be going out of fashion, so a radio or MP3 compatible speakers are the way forward.

  1. Tool Box

A tool box will be one of the first things you put in your garage, but be sure to ensure it’s full and useful, not just for show. Hammers, drills, saws and more must be included.


  1. Extension Cords

It’s likely that a lot of your tools will be corded and require a plug socket. Therefore, extension cords will be needed so you can reach the area being worked on.

  1. First Aid Kit

Hopefully this won’t actually be needed, but having a first aid kit in case of an emergency is just common sense.

  1. Utility Knife

For all those little tasks, such as cutting open boxes and trimming down thin material, a utility knife is perfect. Cheap yet incredibly useful, you’d be lost without it.

  1. A Car

Finally, you need a car and likely some exchange parts, like a second reliable car battery or a replacement tire. There’s no point having all the rest of this equipment and a fantastic garage if there’s no car in there to work on. The flashier the better, but of course this will all depend on your budget.

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