How to Spice Things Up in The Bedroom

May 18, 2016
couple love bedroom kissing

Some couples like to get into playing roles in their sexual routine. This can vary from make believe S&M (with toy handcuffs) to costumes like the classic french maid or even a sexy Wonder Woman. A visit to a local or online costume shop can be just the thing for finding that new character that adds extra spice and stimulation to your relationship. What is your secret fantasy?

His and Hers Outfits

While some couples like to dress up a bit as characters, some enjoy wearing silky, comfy outfits that match. That feeling of closeness that comes with matching clothes, plus the added comfort of wearing silky pyjamas that heighten a feeling of sensuality, can be a real boost to sexual game playing.

Lingerie That Adds a Lot of Spice

There are many beautiful styles of lingerie available today, so it’s easy to find beautiful new items online or even in a department store. Styles range from classic looks in mesh and lace, to more racy styles with fishnet tights in black satin with a garter belt. Just the act of undoing a corset and unsnapping a garter belt during foreplay can send many couples into a high state of arousal that pays off big when they climax. Some sleek looks in lingerie that play up the cleavage and the thighs can be very sensual and stimulating too. For many couples, just the addition of sexy lingerie with high heels and jewelry is enough to add extra oomph when it’s time to get in bed.

So why not indulge in some sexual stimulation with the help of really sexy outfits? Visual stimulation via exotic outfits, as well as the textures of lace and silk, are all major elements in bringing on a very satisfying experience.

One great outfit is worth as much as all the sex books sitting on that bedroom shelf. Your partner will thank you for it.

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