Gift Guide for Her This Christmas

November 8, 2018
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Struggling to think of the perfect gift for her this Christmas? Whether you’ve been together for years, or just a few months, it can be difficult knowing which gift to choose.

The good news is, women are actually a lot easier to buy for than you might think. So, if you’re looking to give her the perfect gift this Christmas, below you’ll discover some of the best ideas to consider.

Warm, stylish accessories

If there’s one thing she’s sure to appreciate, it’s a stylish gift that keeps her warm. Think gloves, a scarf or some really thick fluffy socks. These aren’t just practical accessories, they’re also stylish, helping her to complete her winter look.

While not technically an accessory, you’ll also want to consider a pair of fleece-style pajamas. These are super-warm and sure to be appreciated! A girl can never have too many pairs of comfortable, soft pajamas.

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If you know her shoe size, shoes are a perfect Christmas gift idea. Most women love shoes so it’s a gift you know she’ll always appreciate. The great thing about giving shoes as a gift too, is that they’re available in a wide range of budgets. So, no matter how much you can afford to spend, you’ll find a pair of shoes to match it. Of course, if you’re looking for extra brownie points, the more expensive the shoes, the better!


Another fail-safe gift you can give her this Christmas is jewelry. If you’ve been together a while, a ring could make the perfect gift. If you’re looking for something a little less serious, a charm bracelet or necklace would be a great choice.

The key is to know which type of jewelry she likes. So, pay attention to her current collection. Take notes on the styles she prefers and then search for something that matches it.

Something useful

If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little more unique, why not buy her something useful? Now, this doesn’t mean a new household appliance (though that’s totally plausible if she LOVES cleaning and getting things done). What it does mean, is buying something she could use which matches her passion.

So, if she’s a fashionista for example, you could buy her a stylish new wallet. You’ll find some really cool, stylish wallet designs from companies such as Radley. If she loves to do crafts in her spare time, you could invest in something to keep all of her supplies in. These aren’t just useful, but they’re thoughtful gifts too.

So, if you’re struggling to come up with the perfect gift idea for her, why not take inspiration from the list above? There’s sure to be something there to suit both her and your budget.

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