Movember & Sons.

February 19, 2015
Since Sandy’s really starting to lay it down outside, I’ve been thinking growing a mo – as an extra insulating layer – probably isn’t the worst idea. Let’s ignore the fact that my chances of ‘stache success are slim, considering the common razor was an arbitrary and alien object to me up until the age of about oh say 17 (when I first shaved, and it wasn’t even all that necessary…), and instead admire a few lads’ hairy faces back home in Dublin.
As part of the 5th annual #MOVEMBER campaign, rugby player Jamie Heaslip, magician Shane Gillen, editor of Irish online men’s lifestyle mag Mike Sheridan, and jockey Paul Carberry, banded together with photographer Lee Malone, stylist Marie Kelly, and several more mo-bros for an Irish Independent LIFE magazine shoot that promotes the campaign and celebrates notions of masculinity, both depression-era old-school and contemporary.
It also features footage of Ireland’s hands-down best barber-shop, the Waldorf (beloved of every self-respecting, vaguely style-conscious Irishman from teenage band members to investment bankers), which provided me with a service that’s so far proved inimitable.

All funds raised as part of the Irish campaign go to the Irish Cancer Society’s initiative, Action Prostate Cancer | Learn more about Movember | Learn more about Waldorf Barbershop

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  • Mat October 29, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    some great inspiration to get everyone kick started, it's going to be as big as ever