How to Nail The Interview

March 2, 2016
Job Interview

You’ve completed your research. You’ve notified your references. The date is on your calendar. It’s time for the big interview for the job of your dreams.  While you might be a bundle of nerves, you can nail the interview with a few proven tips from the professionals. Remind yourself that you wouldn’t have been called in for an interview if your credentials weren’t a match for the position. No one wants to waste their time or yours today.  Two of the most important things to bring to an interview are self-confidence and a genuine smile (even with a beard) . Follow these suggestions from the pros and you’re sure to nail the interview.

Research, to the best of your ability, the hiring manager and the individual you’ll be interviewing with.  You can do this through professional networking sites, social media and general search engines.  While you won’t necessarily want to mention any of the information you learned, it’s always positive to know something about the individual you’ll be meeting with. The next piece of research is about the company. Learn everything you can about the company, its growth plans and market position in the industry. This information will serve you well during the interview. Candidates are expected to be informed and prepared in today’s competitive job market.

Put your best foot forward. Literally. You only have one chance to make a first impression.  Book an appointment with your stylist for a fresh, classic cut and manicure if necessary. Don’t select a style or color that is too loud or outlandish, just quiet and conservative for a corporate interview.  Select your interview suit with care.  Make sure it’s been cleaned and pressed.  Shine your shoes and brief case too! Avoid excess jewelry when selecting your interview outfit. Less is definitely more in this case.  The goal is for you to be the star, not your suit or accessories.  No dangling jewelry or wild earrings for this interview!

Confirm the location of your interview. If you’re not familiar with the area, do a drive by to gauge how long you need to plan for your commute.  Plan to arrive at least 15-20 minutes early. This will give you a time window should there be excess traffic or delays caused by construction.  Finally, relax, be yourself and realize that an interview is also a two way street. You’re also deciding if this is where you’d like to work. Good luck!

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