Lads’ Holidays in Magaluf

December 10, 2015
1200px Magalluf Mallorca rafax

You know that you’re ready for a holiday. Start your party by searching for the right place to unwind. We want to point you in the direction to have fun in the sun, play by day or prowl by night, and come back with beautiful, outrageous memories. Let’s take a look at how a can chase winter blues or summer doldrums away. (Title image by Rafael Ortega Díaz)

That’s right, Magaluf on Mallorca offers broad expanses of beaches and pine forests for nature lovers as well as a night life filled with trendy restaurants and exciting clubs. It’s so easy to reach Magaluf that you’ll be amazed. You’ll be pleased by the ease of travel once you get there, too, because Magaluf’s attractions are a short distance apart. For instance, start your day with a trip to Marineland to get into the holiday mood and continue to Karting Magaluf for a Grand Prix style race. If you’re brave, wind up the afternoon by shooting the rapids at Western Water Park or surf your heart out at Wave House.

You’ll fit right in at any of Magaluf’s popular clubs because friendly Spanish hospitality ensures that party games and drink offers start the night off right for newcomers. As you hop from one club to the next, savor the ambiance of Mallorca. Not for nothing is it known as the place where anything goes. Superclubs such as BCM Planet Dance sport huge sound systems to invite the music inside you as you hook up with old friends and make new ones. As the dawn breaks over the beach, Magaluf joins your short list of ideal holiday spots, and you can’t wait to start the day all over again.

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