Why you should travel by car

August 16, 2017
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You have a variety of transportation options when planning a vacation. You could take a flight, bus, or train to your destination and tour the area on foot, or you could try to navigate your destination’s public transportation system. However, traveling by car is often the best option.

Here are eight reasons you should consider traveling by car:

1. You can decide where to go.

Public transportation or tourist buses only travel to certain destinations. You’ll also have to follow their schedule. If you rent a car or bring your own car, you can decide where and when you want to go.

2. You don’t have to plan as thoroughly.

Because you have the freedom to travel wherever and leave whenever, you don’t have to put as much time and effort into planning your itinerary. You should still have a plan, but you won’t need to carefully schedule everything around train or bus ticket times.

3. You have more options for destinations.

Some of the most beautiful destinations are out in the countryside, and it can be difficult or impossible to reach them without a car. Traveling by car prevents you from missing out on these attractions.

4. You’ll feel safer.

If you travel somewhere that has some safety issues, you’ll be glad to be inside your car. It’s much safer to travel by car than to travel by foot or on public transportation in an unfamiliar place.

5. You can pack more.

You can fill your car up with your luggage or other items, so you don’t have to worry about packing lightly. You’ll be well-prepared with everything you need at each of your destinations.

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6. You’ll spend less on food.

With a car, you can visit supermarkets in the country to avoid spending too much money at expensive restaurants. You can keep a cooler, a camping stove, or an electric oven in your car to cook your own meals.

7. You’ll spend less on accommodation.

Traveling by car gives you the freedom to drive to campsites for accommodation. Campgrounds cost much less than hotel rooms, and they’re usually very peaceful.

8. You can divide expenses with your travel companions.

If you and all of your friends travel by train or bus, you’ll each have to pay the fare. However, if you all travel in one car, you can split the cost of gas, tolls, parking fees, and other expenses. If you’re traveling with at least two or three other people, this usually is much cheaper than paying for transportation.

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