Made by Hand: Exploring the contemporary and hand-crafted.

February 1, 2015
While you’ll find a good deal of Manhattanites that involuntarily shudder on hearing its name (that’s you, Manhattan contingent of Gallery Girls), Brooklyn is undoubtedly a more liveable alternative to the skyscraper-riddled, kaleidoscopic hamster cage that is the city itself. And rents, by and large, are cheaper too, which attracts the usual motley crew of artists, writers and designers, some fledgling, some established, all a little bit inebriate of the creative atmosphere of the borough (as I write this, my neighbour rehearses a more raw, stripped down version of Mavin Gaye & Tammi Terrell’s classic, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough; doesn’t sound much better than it reads…)

[vimeo w=800&h=450]

Moving away from the established media (blogs, mags etc.) covering Brooklyn’s art, gigs, readings, events and emerging designers, Made by Hand recognises its burgeoning craft industry, as well as craft businesses based just beyond the borough’s border. A short film series intended to share the stories of those making things by hand, sustainably, locally and with a relentless devotion to their craft, Made by Hand currently features a beautifully shot exploration of cigar-makers, Martinez Cigars, detailing the business’ integral role in New Yorkers’ social life and cultural heritage.
For fellow gin sinners, there’s the debut film which features Breuckelen Distilling Company, as well as two more from the series shedding light on the business of knife-making and beekeeping. Stay tuned for the next installment, ‘The Bike Maker’.

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