On a balcony in…Dublin.

May 28, 2014
Considering it’s been an eon since I last posted something vaguely personal style-ee, and seeing as the new wintry snap has given good reason to cover up that bit more, I thought it was high time I took the opportunity to show off my…er…wares…
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^ Beginning to think that all of my kind of fast-fashion buys always turn out to be my investment purchases. I snapped this New Look jumper up for a mere €5 (using a generous friend’s v. generous 50% employee discount) during last year’s colder months and save for a bit of washing-induced warping, it’s still looking pretty fine.
Green joggers from Topman, and boots by Wolverine at Urban Outfitters.
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^ Reason enough, I suppose, that I’m not set to be the next David Gandy…

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^ Major thanks to Urban Outfitters who kindly invited me ’round to their place to select some AW stock to share with y’all. As well as these unfathomably comfortable, impeccably crafted boots, I picked up a Farah peacoat and a Cheap Monday shirt (more on these in the future…).

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Tote bag from ASOS

Thanks to housemate HRH E. House for the photos. We took these on our apartment balcony/roof-garden (hence the Kate reference in the title) in a hungover haze after a sizeable brunch post last night’s Thread Magazine Issue 2 launch. How did you spend Saturday?

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