How to: Style A Leather Jacket In The Colder Months

February 23, 2017
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Leather jackets are a style staple all year round but they’re not always quite up to the task of keeping you warm during the winter months, which can be frustrating as they’re usually a big investment piece. So, when minus temperatures take hold you may find yourself looking for a way to warm up that stylish leather jacket, and here are a few to consider:

Add some layers

If your jacket is flexible enough to fit some extra layers underneath, then try adding these first before grabbing the knitted accessories. Leather jackets were made to look cool, to give off that nonchalant, bad boy vibe and shivering in the cold isn’t a great addition to this look. A thin long sleeved t-shirt and a thicker jumper, worn underneath your leather jacket, should ensure you’re warm enough. Plus, if you start to overheat there are plenty of layers to take off to cool yourself down.

A chunky cable knit jumper is a good call if there’s room, the contrasting tough and soft textures work well together, while a hoodie with the hood pulled out over the neck is great for relaxing your look – and can save you should the rain start to fall.

Ensure it’s waterproof

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When heading out in winter weather, here in the UK, rain is a common occurrence. This is why it’s a good idea to ensure your leather jacket is up to the job of repelling whatever Blighty throws at it. Check the label to see how the material will fair against water and, if it doesn’t look like it can take the rain, grab some waterproof spray and apply this all over. Take a look at this guide on how to protect leather from wet conditions and feel prepared for anything winter has to throw at you.

Throw on the accessories

Sometimes, when you’re braving icy winds and downpours, only knitted accessories are going to cut it and turning up the collar of your leather jacket might look good but won’t help much. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to pull out that beanie hat and thick scarf combo and even some fingerless gloves to perfect that grunge look. The right scarf, however, can add a sophisticated twist on an edgy leather jacket, check out the Guardian’s roundup of the best ones to choose from here.

It’s also a good idea to remember leather jackets are shorter than that parka you may have opted to leave in the shop, which is why longer layers to cover your hips and lower back are important, so they aren’t left exposed. If you’re still going for that grunge look, grab a flannel shirt and tie this around your waist to keep things covered but still look good.

When it comes to styling a leather jacket for the winter months, take on some of these tips to leave the house looking great but feeling prepared for whatever the weather decides to throw at you too.

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