Q+A: Carolyn Massey for ASOS.

March 12, 2014
As you’ll have noticed from the hefty press coverage it’s already garnered, London-based menswear designer nonpareil Carolyn Massey has collaborated with ASOS once again, joining forces to produce what’s probably one of my favourite collections so far this AW 2011 season.

Instead of re-hashing what you’ve no doubt been reading, here’s an er… refreshingly casual catch-up between myself and the brains behind what’s bound to be one of ASOS’ best-sellers.

MM: Hi Carolyn! Hope you’ve been keeping well?

CM: Yes! Thank you x

MM: So delighted that you’re in the public eye once again! The collaboration looks incredible!

CM: Thanks – I’m so pleased with it. It’s nice to have been working on some anonymous stuff for a bit, but great to be able to do something we can shout about, and that people can buy into.

8be84 carolynmasseyforasosaw20111
^ Carolyn Massey for ASOS two-piece t-shirt – £40

MM: This AW 2011 collection is the latest in a series of collaborations with ASOS – what brings you back to working with ASOS?

CM: I was approached by John Mooney – Head of Menswear at ASOS to do a collaboration with them a while ago. It’s actually been very collaborative, it’s nice to be so involved in the process.

c0e52 carolynmasseyforasosaw20115

^ Knitted jacket – £110

MM: What inspired the collection?

My usual gathering of images, but particularly a book that I picked up whilst away over New Year, City of Shadows: Sydney Police Photographs 1912-1948. Whenever I can, I try and pick up new books – it’s about finding new ways of researching. These photographs wern’t taken for a view on fashion, but that’s exactly what I like about them.

78e80 cityofshadows

^ City of Shadows – Carolyn’s starting point for the collaboration

MM: Have you moved away from military influences to explore workwear in more depth?

CM: I think your research base has to evolve or it stagnates. I also get visually bored quite quickly.

3e337 carolynmasseyforasosaw20114

^ Cotton bind t-shirt – £35

618ff carolynmasseyforasosaw20113

^ Fisherman’s jumper – £90

MM: What’s your favourite piece of the collection?

CM: I think the knits are pretty cool, and the shirting too.

9db11 carolynmasseyforasosaw20112

^ Saddle sleeve jumper – £90

Shop all these styles and more (yet to come) here. For more on Carolyn, simply search at the side, or visit her homepage here.

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  • Mat October 13, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    shame the book is crazy expensive on amazon, no joy on ebay either. reminds me of "least wanted"