Levi’s: In for the long haul.

January 12, 2015

Those of you who’ve been reading for a while now will know that of all the fashion capitals, NYC has consistently produced the menswear I find most appealing. From Patrik Ervell’s industrial minimalism and Tim Hamilton’s sharp sporty aesthetic to Thom Browne’s signature psycho-prep-wear.

Similarly, some of the bigger brands I’ve been following keenly since childhood and still admire today are also American; global style influencers including but not limited to GAP, Ralph Lauren, and Levi’s.

The Levi’s story is an interesting one. For a brand that actually created and patented the world’s first pair of blue jeans, they’ve remained relatively quiet since 1873, subtly creating pieces that remain true to the brand’s no-nonsense, functionality-is-fundamental spirit and generally being the envy of designers worldwide; Yves Saint Laurent famously got really jels and admitted to harbouring the secret wish that he would have designed the first pair of blue jeans.

The current FW 2012 collection comprises everything from trucker jackets to some no-frills accessories to jeans, a decent selection of slim pants, and cords. So, for those who acknowledge Levi’s genius in manufacturing jeans for the first time but subsequently write the brand off as something bland and bootcut, consider yourself learned.

50cf0 levi.jpg's+Complete+1

^ Left to right: Commuter Hooded Trucker Jacket; canvas backpack; light wash Trucker vest

d955f levi.jpg's+Complete+2

^ L-R: 511 skinny Commuter trousers; washed leather Lugger boots; 511 skinny jeans

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  • Mat October 6, 2012 at 10:52 pm

    levi's, one of my favs. esp like LVC but it's mad pricey. i'll do a sponsored post on them anytime