55DSL: Live At Least 55 Seconds Per Day.

March 22, 2014
Heads up marketing types – it seems this AW season, “inspiration” is the buzzword to throw around. From Dunhill to ASOS, Edun to 55DSL, brands seems to think we’re thirsting for some well-styled role models to simultaneously inspire ambition and educate on all issues sartorial, too.
Denim brand Diesel‘s Italian offshoot 55DSL has jumped on the bandwagon/blazed a trail (depending on how pioneering you deem this one…) with a mini-series comprising two videos featuring three creatives (one photographer, two DJs) and their artistic activities in Italia.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IK3F6VZkUJI]
^ Lele Saveri travels to the Sicilian town of San Fratello to document costumed participants of a traditional festival, all the while making 55DSL look exceptionally good.

First up is photographer Lele Saveri who’s shot for NME, Rolling Stone and VICE and splits his time between Brooklyn, NYC and Milan. It’s a fairly straightforward concept – Saveri does his thing, whilst showing off 55DSL at all the right angles.
Here’s another few shots of Saveri sporting the AW11 collection…

f97dc 55dslaw20111

Not to slight Saveri (and this is just personal taste) but wouldn’t this all be a little more inspiring sans hipster ‘tache?

03c93 55dslaw20112

f12c7 55dslaw20113


Shop 55DSL here, follow the campaign as it develops on Facebook here, and see more of Saveri’s work here, which is inspiring and definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

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