WIN: Luxury Full Service at Murdock London.

April 28, 2013
Quick question: how often do you get your hair cut? 
It’s literally been two weeks since my last visit to the Bowling Barbers, and my thicket thick hair has me on the verge of booking another appointment. Still, as expensive as this habit seems to be getting, it’s money well spent when your hair when not styled looks like a drab semi-afro…
Fear not, though, for anyone else who’s growing v. fond of regular visits to the barber’s chair, this week you could save as much as £90.
^ Murdock’s Luxury Full Service all wrapped up for your delectation…
Thanks to old-school and incredible London-based barber’s Murdock London, we have a gift certificate for their Luxury Full Service treatment (worth £90) up for grabs. What does it entail…? Well, how long do you have?
This nicely dressed envelope entitles you to:
A shampoo and restyle haircut
A wet shave
A facial
&; a shoe shine (seriously)
…at any one of the Murdock London establishments (take your pick from Covent Garden, Mayfair, Murdock at Liberty’s, and Shoreditch & City).
Here’s a little more to whet your appetite:
The Traditional Full Service uses products exclusively from London’s oldest pharmacy, D.R. Harris.

The Haircut:

Our luxurious treatment includes shampoo and haircut, finished with a blow dry and style, carried out by one of our accomplished stylists.

The Shave:

To start, we prepare the skin with Arlington pre-shave lotion and hot towels. When your skin is ready, a D.R Harris luxury-lather shave cream is expertly applied using the finest badger hair shaving brush.

One of our highly trained barbers well then perform a flawless wet-shave using a cut throat razor, leaving skin smooth and fresh.

Post-shave, the skin is soothed and moisturised with Arlington Aftershave Milk, before the service is completed with D.R Harris Crystal Eye Gel (to reduce puffiness and dark circles) and a splash of cologne to revitalise.


Simply ‘Like’ on Facebook and post to the wall an image of your favourite hair style (not necessarily your own hair), explaining its appeal. For the first time winners won’t be chosen at random so make it convincing!
Deadline is Fri March 11th 2011


For more on Murdock, see here and here.

EDIT: The prize is a LUXURY Full Service Treatment which means you get a facial as well. Phew. Bit jealous of you all, not gonna lie.

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  • Mat March 2, 2011 at 9:42 am

    i won't enter because i'm in the wrong part of the country but what an amazing prize. shoe shine sir!