Farfetch.com: Shorts, Shirting & Seashells.

January 23, 2013
Two days since I’ve seen Black Swan and not sure I’ve actually recovered from the nerve-wracking experience as of yet. In order to distract myself from urges to go see the 107 mins of twistedness again, I’m instead concentrating on the brighter promise of the coming Spring Summer season. Probably futile, but worth a try.
Farfetch.com – despite its stark black and white design (damn…never going to get away from that incredible/disturbing film) – provides ample material for traipsing through in search of inspiration. I think, principally, I’m looking forward to shorts the most. I mean, trousers (or pants as I prefer to call them – is it weird for someone Irish/British to refer to trousers as pants?) are the obvious choice for Winter when it comes to maintaining body temperature, but purchasing a pair also invites the hair-raising stress of finding the perfect fit. Yes, you’re not saved the problem entirely when it comes to shorts but they’re a damn sight less complicated, involving approximately half the annoyance in comparison with trews.
Some suggested styles straight from their men’s fashion section…
cc6f8 unholymatrimonydropcrotchshorts
^ Unholy Matrimony Drop-crotch shorts – €182. Think I may be arriving at the whole zip thing a bit late. Nevertheless this shade of charcoal is – sombre, admittedly, but also – timeless.
0f15f s2vscottonsailorshorts
^ S2VS cotton sailor shorts – €105 €68.25. Yes, won’t lie, it’s mostly because they’re labelled “sailor” shorts. And boo to those that say white is to be avoided; just don’t go donning these at festivals.
Right. Realise I’m subconsciously recommending Black Swan-esque clothing so perhaps time to switch it up…
a5789 dsquared2bermudashorts
^ Dsquared2 Bermuda shorts – €250 €175. For those of you that find yourselves too attached to the chinos that saw you through the colder months but don’t want to drown in your own sweat from April onwards…
As for the remainder of your look, if you’re like me, then you’ll probably be spending most of your time in a vest when you should really be covering up the farmer’s tan. If you’re not, then you’ll either, a) be in a vest and tanned, or b) these might be for you…
72646 acne2527standardtee
^ Acne ‘Standard’ tee – €77. You know that fine cotton blend that the likes of Forever 21 and American Apparel have popularised in the last few months? Yeah? Well, the Acne version’s bound to be ten times sexier, right?
e869d diorhommepaintsplatprinttee
^ Dior Homme paint splat print tee – €150 €105. Minimal enough to become your versatile staple, interesting enough to ward off monotony.
41d3d isseymiyakeshirt
^ Issey Miyake bib shirt – €378 €226.80. Just because it’s a pool party doesn’t mean you have to wear swimwear.
And a little something from the men’s jewellery section to cap it all off – granted, the second option really only applies to those of you planning on spending the majority of the season on a yacht, taking the odd dip in the Dom Perignon filled sea that surrounds you…
5a213 werkstattmunchenleatherbracelet
^ Werkstatt Muenchen leather braclet – €228.
470c1 blacksheepandprodigalsonspyritefossilsterlingring
^ Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons pyrite fossil sterling ring – €809. This contains a plated ammonites sea shell fossil. ‘Nuff said, really.
Any Spring Summer favourites of your own?

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  • Mat January 23, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    i said pants actually, not sure why. no one else in my family does. nice selection.should i go see the film?

  • Cillian January 23, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    Most definitely, Mat! Probably my favourite film ever.C.