River Island SS 2012: Sailors On Acid.

December 17, 2011
No more attempting (definitely in vain…) to define cinematics dystopias. No more concealing cheeky, sneaky naps in the library. No more sitting through seminars tight-lipped and nodding as if to convince everyone you’ve seen the film when, really, you’re not even sure what the name of it was…
The holidays are finally here and aside from some very much on-the-long-finger dissertation research, it’s gearing up to be good. To ring in the season, I braced the cold last Thursday to check out the River Island SS12 press day, which left me in a bit of a time-warp (feeling up acid-wash jeans and neon tees during the icy depths of December – bizarre) but had me immediately planning a list of potential purchases…
110be riverislandss125
e1cab riverislandss124
This season sees the high-street favourite take note from the likes of Italian fashion establishment Versace and London-based Christopher Kane; think fluorescence, cut-outs, acid-wash and bleached denim, snug fits and more than your RDA of Vitamin neon. Add to that, re-interpretations of the Fisherman jacket and naval-inspired pieces and it’s all a bit ‘A Sailor’s Summertime Acid Trip’ which I – naturally – am in no way averse to.
33260 riverislandss121

d33d5 riverislandss122

36272 riverislandss123

Expect to see the collection trickling into stores mid-January of next year, and – take it from me – start saving now. You may have associated this brand with tacky looks plastered all over the pages of a lads’ mag previously, but River Island is set to take us all by storm.
Shop River Island online, and find your nearest store, here.

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  • Herdiana Surachman December 20, 2011 at 11:50 am

    love the sunglasses but the decoration is too sweet hahahaHerdiana Surachmanhttp://deluxshinist.blogspot.com/