5 Days of Christmas: No. 1.

December 20, 2011
If it’s not blankets of snow, it’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ offers emails – there’s inevitably something to be waded through at this time of year. Granted retailers have to break-even too, but isn’t a whole twelve days a little excessive in this current economic gloom? Also, given that I’ve been blessed with the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to these things, I’m invariably bored out of my tree at about the seventh day.
So, let’s cut corners where we can – here’s the first of my 5 Days of Christmas; gifts to inspire, excite and delight your family, friends, bits-on-the-side, important contacts and witnesses of your most woeful embarrassments in need of appeasement…
251bb nikeacgmanoaboots
^ Nike ACG Manoa Outdoor Boots – this is the optimal fusion of sportswear practicality, versatility (black teams well with everything) and inky black chic. Also, considering the brand’s signature is reasonably subtly rendered here, you might even be able to deceive others into thinking these are Rick Owens or from some obscure collaboration Tim Hamilton did with who knows what brand.

Find these – currently on sale – at ASOS.com

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