Cool Gadgets for the Modern Man!

January 13, 2018

The Snazzy Speaker


These days, wires are becoming somewhat extinct. Everything is slowly but surely turning wireless, even headphones?! Perhaps that is a step too far but what is not are wireless speakers, because everyone wants to listen to their music in the bedroom, bath and beyond without having to drag unsightly wires around. The SC-ALLO5 from Panasonic is a portable, powerful and pretty ALL Connected Multi-Room Speaker that allows you to listen to your music from almost any source. Listen without wires and without limits. It’s home entertainment at its finest!

The Vape


Weather you vape or not, there is no denying that the long, silvery thing that we see more and more people holding around town is a clever little gadget in its own right. If you visit top vaping stores online such as Vapelux, you encounter a multitude of mods, tanks, atomizers and aspire replacement coils in a range of designs and at the finest quality possible. If you are partial to an e-cigarette or two, Vapelux are the ultimate place to quench your vaping thirst! Dare I say there is something quite luxurious and mysterious about a vape reflected perfectly through its allusive cloud of vanilla custard aroma! If one has to smoke, one must surely smoke a vape.

The Batman Bottle Opener, Obviously


Last but not least, the Batman Multi Tool is the ultimate handy man gadget. Neatly sliding onto your keychain it can be taken around Gotham City to loosen screws and open bottles, because every man needs to those things. The iconic Batman logo is actually a super handy design as the end of the wings are perfectly shaped to fit screwdriver tips on and the center is a cut out bottle opener.

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