10 Premium Holiday Bucket-List Destinations

October 7, 2018
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For some people, money is no object. They can afford a vacation anywhere in the world. To fulfill their desire to go on an ultra-luxurious vacation, these rich people often search the internet for the most expensive holiday destinations in the world.

In order to help the wealthy find ultra-luxurious destinations for a vacation, we have compiled a list of top 10 premium holiday destinations. People who feel the burn in their pocket and want to enjoy a premium holiday trip with their loved ones should pick one of these locations. Just make sure you’ve packed all of your essentials and medications (which can be found on online pharmacies such as Click Pharmacy) and get ready for your trip!

1. Fogo Island Inn, Canada

Fogo Island Inn is said to lie at the end of the world. Travelers who wish to reach this amazing boutique hotel may have to ride a helicopter. Once travelers arrive at the destination, they can join a special sponsorship program that matches them with locals to help them understand the culture of the area. If they are not interested in the culture, guests can just relax in hot tubs located at the rooftop. It is said that the most exclusive lodging of the Fogo Island Inn – the Flat Earth Suite – doesn’t reveal its price until requested.

2. Cayo Espanto in Belize

Cayo Espanto is for those who are looking for some serious pampering. Cayo Espanto can only be reached by boat and when the guests arrive they are greeted by the entire staff including a butler, personal dive master and personal chef. Guests also get their own villa right on the edge of the crystal clear water. There are seven villas which makes the place highly expensive and secluded.

3. Cocoa Island in Maldives

Cocoa Island is ideal for both family vacations and romantic getaways. The accommodations are located over the water. Activities guests can enjoy include snorkeling trips, fishing, scuba diving and island hopping trips. Asian, Mediterranean and South Indian cuisines can be enjoyed at the restaurant Ufaa of the resort.

4. Tierra Patagonia, Chile

Holiday Experts stipulate that the main reason guests stay at the Tierra Patagonia is because its large window frame provides a magnificent view of the amazing mountains in Torres del Paine National Park. Only a few can afford a stay at the Tierra Patagonia because the suites start at over $3,000. Guests can enjoy the view at the luxurious hotel or go out in the mountains for a hiking trip.

5. Necker Island

Necker Island is available for up to 34 guests at about $80,000 per night which makes it one of the most expensive holiday destinations on Earth. Guests can enjoy the spectacular views of the island or entertain themselves with waterskiing or scuba diving.

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6. Villa Manzu, Costa Rica

The eight suites in Villa Manzu ensure serenity. Guests who are looking for a private vacation with their special someone would love Villa Manzu. Guests can access the wine room of the villa that’s stocked with cigars and sommelier-chosen bottles. The Kardashian clan has stayed at the Villa Manzu which means that this place meets celebrity standards.

7. The Hilltop Villa

The Hilltop Villa, located on top of the highest peak of Laucala Island, is perfect for people who are looking for a premium destination that offers complete seclusion and privacy. A night at the Villa costs about $44,000. Unfortunately, since Laucala Island is privately owned, owners approval is required to access the island.

8. Chalet Zermatt Peak, Switzerland 

Switzerland offers more than just delicious chocolates. Zermatt in Switzerland offers sharp skiing slopes and is a 5-star chalet capable of housing up to 13 guests. Chalet Zermatt Peak is equipped with luxury fixtures and furniture and offers delicious cuisines prepared by a gourmet chef. No wonder the rate of this luxury chalet start at $57,000 a week.

9. Musha Cay Island

Owned by David Copperfield, Musha Cay Island is an ideal spot for people who are looking for a premium holiday destination. Water is crystal clear and guests can dive fish and snorkel. The main island can house up to 24 guests which makes it a peaceful and secluded location perfect for private holidays.

10. Villa Corallina in Tahiti

Tahiti captures the attention of travelers, but only a few can afford a stay at the Villa Corallina in Tahiti. Villa Corallina is located on a tiny island called Motu Fareone and is only composed of one villa which is why the rates start at about $430 per night for just two people. For people who are looking for solitude in a magnificent paradise, there isn’t a better place than Villa Corallina.

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