How to Have the Best Stag Weekends in the UK

May 3, 2018
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Stag weekends in the UK can be loads of fun. However, the trend with such parties in 2018 is to plan carefully, rather than just wing it and see what happens. Below are some great stag party ideas that are not difficult to implement.


A themed party is much more fun than a traditional get-together. Consider the following ideas to ensure a rockin’ event:


Everyone loves wearing a great superhero costume, even those who are reluctant to admit this fact. There are myriad superheroes from which you and the lads can choose. Therefore, regardless of the group’s size, this theme is sure to keep everyone satisfied.

Suit Up

Suiting up can be a traditional yet fun way to take on the party like the badass-mofos you fancy yourselves. Best of all, nothing is required except slipping into your best suit and tie!


Men’s fashion has run the gamut from classic to hippy over the past century, meaning there is no shortage of era-inspired themes.

The choices are endless: spread love and peace in some bright patterns and flowers from the 70s or don your best Al Capone suit and invest in a box of cigars if the 1920s are your favorite. This theme is limited only by your imagination.


If you are having trouble coming up with a location for your party, consider the following foolproof choices:


Mullingar is found in County Westmeath, in the heart of the Midlands. It has become a favourite go-to destination for stags in search of a wild weekend.


Liverpool is definitely a destination to consider when organising your stag weekend. Offering something for everyone, Liverpool is a fail safe choice.


The coastal town of Westport in Co. Mayo is an ideal stag party destination because of its popularity with tourists; there are always new and interesting individuals to talk to in the area’s pubs and lounges. Additionally, golfing, sailing and fishing opportunities abound in this region.


Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh is a center of arts and culture. It has an impressive selection of both nighttime and daytime activities for you and your mates to enjoy during a stag weekend.

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AccommodationsNaturally, you must consider accommodations when planning such an event. Below are some terrific options from which to choose:

Self-Catering Apartments and Party Houses

Party houses and self-catering apartments offer exactly what their names imply: you pay for the use of a house or apartment for the weekend and more or less fend for yourselves. This means you have freedoms and liberties that you simply do not get with other kinds of accommodation.

Pub-Style Accommodation

Pub-style accommodation is perfect if you have a hunch that the members of the party will not be doing too much sleeping. This option is great, as it provides a residents’ bar and lounge for post-nightclub fun.

Luxury Hotels

This kind of accommodation offers the height of luxury and is an excellent option for gents who prefer to have all their creature comforts when away from home. If you can keep your group under control, you are sure to enjoy the top-notch services offered by luxury hotels.


Planning activities is also an important aspect of stag weekends. Below are some popular ideas that are definitely worth considering:

Race Day

Why not splurge on a day at the races? You may even win some money to help pay for the party.


Camping is probably the best male-bonding activity in existence. Roughing it in the woods for a night or two is an awesome way for the groom and his mates to celebrate his last hours of freedom.

Road Trip

If your stag party is small, you should consider a fun and exciting road trip. This option is ideal for groups of less than six, and provides loads of fun for a reasonable price.

Booze Cruise

A moonlight booze cruise is probably one of the most fun and boisterous ways to enjoy a stag party without having to worry about driving home. Having the best of craic with the other lads while lounging on a starlit deck– with or without company– is not something you will forget in a hurry.

Proper planning is vitally important when organising stag weekends in the UK, and therefore you should not wait until the last minute, but rather discuss plans for your trip in advance to ensure the best possible results. Regardless of which themes, accommodations or activities you choose, you and your mates are guaranteed to remember your UK stag party for many years to come.

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