3 Ways to De-Stress at the Weekend

January 30, 2018
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We’re all in search of that exclusive balance between work and play, but an alarming number of us are overworked without even realizing it. The stress epidemic is real, and if you’re self-employed or run your own business, you’re likely to be feeling the strain more than most.

A 2014 study found that Americans work more weekend and evening hours than in any other developed country. While our “always on” work culture is considered good for business, spending too much time working can be bad for our health. So, in a nation full of workaholics, are there better ways we can be spending our downtime? Here are three tips to help you de-stress at the weekend. 

Get Outside and Move

There’s nothing that de-stresses quite as well as outdoor exercise. However, many of us fall into the trap of doing the same workout routines until they become tiresome. The secret to creating a lasting exercise routine is to enjoy what you do – so don’t be afraid to try new sports until you find something you like.

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Disconnect From Your Devices

If your phone is usually glued to your hand when you’re working, it can be hard to disconnect when the weekend comes around. However, taking a break from your devices will improve your mental health, your relationships, and your performance at work by giving your brain the rest it deserves.

Ideally, you should resist the temptation to check work emails over the weekend and have a separate phone for personal calls. We don’t live in an ideal world, however, and not all of us can pull a complete digital detox. If you can’t turn our devices off over the weekend, try taking mini breaks instead. Go for a walk in nature and leave your phone at home, or turn it to silent while you enjoy a meal with your spouse. Even if you can only give yourself a few hours of tech-free living, it will make a difference.

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Spend Time With Loved Ones

It’s all too easy to use the weekend to catch up with work, especially when you know you have a lot to do the following week. However, if you never allow yourself time to switch off and reconnect with the people around you, you will quickly burn out. When we spend too much time working, both our professional lives and our relationships inevitably suffer. So, don’t neglect your relationships in favor of working harder or achieving more – it won’t work out long-term.

Loneliness has been proven to be twice as unhealthy as obesity, meaning social interaction is not a luxury – it is essential to your physical and emotional wellbeing. Make an effort to reconnect with yourself and with others over the weekend, and both your brain and body will thank you come Monday.

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