How to wear a Harrington Jacket

February 24, 2018
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The Harrington jacket is a timeless piece that can suit the purpose of a night out or a casual day in. It was popularized in 1937 as the perfect golfer jacket and has been worn by celebrities such as James Dean, Elvis Presley, and Steve McQueen. A good source for Harrington Jackets for example is Peter Christian. The Harrington is waterproof, durable, and comes in a wide variety of sleek, modern fabrics. Functional, versatile, and stylish, this is a piece that has stood the test of time, and had won its place on the coat racks of many a famous man.

With so much versatility in one sophisticated piece, the options for how to make it your own are nearly limitless but these few easy style tips will help you find your perfect Harrington style.

The navy Harrington is a sleek, professional piece that can put the final touch on your outfit. A button down shirt and jeans pair to make a classic look, but it doesn’t have to be simple. A navy Harrington also perfectly accompanies patterns and floral. Don’t forget footwear! Desert or Chelsea boots are a wonderful way to complete the ensemble in stylish and professional taste.

If blue isn’t for you, maybe the laidback, red Harrington matches your style. Red is effortlessly noticeable, reminiscent of James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. Jeans, a shirt, and Chelsea boots of a similar tone compliment the red Harrington perfectly.

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Of course, when you need a piece that goes with absolutely anything, no option could be more mysterious or sexier than the Black Harrington. For a look that exudes edgy confidence, layer the black Harrington over a t-shirt with jeans and trainers.

If the black Harrington is the edgy side of the coin, the beige Harrington is the sporty sophisticated side of the very same. Popularized among Ivy league schools, the beige Harrington jacket is sporty and sophisticated. To achieve a stylish nautical appearing the beige Harrington can be paired with a button-down shirt, jeans, and boat shoes. You can never go wrong with a bow tie to finish off the look!

The Harrington has been a staple in men’s fashion for years and it will continue to be so for many more to come. What began as a piece strictly for golfers has become the universal garment that every man needs in his wardrobe

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